Self-Service Bag Drop Solution for Finavia

Self-Service Bag Drop Solutions ProvidersAll over the world, self-service and common use bag drop systems and check-in systems are promising ease of use and expedited passenger processing. Finavia has been using bag drop solutions in Helsinki airport in a pilot scheme since 2012 and now plan to expand the scheme with a further ten machines to be placed in Helsinki and two at Oulu Airport later in the year.

The success of the self-service bag drop solution has not been confined to Finavia, as the machines were in use by SAS and Norwegian airlines as well. Positive feedback has been received for all machines from passengers, airline and airport staff.

Ville Haapsaari, Director of Helsinki Airports said, ‘Increasing the number of machines is a global trend in air traffic services. Self-service, such as bag drop machines, makes the check-in times of passengers much more flexible, evens out the busy periods at the airport and increases the check-in capacity of terminals. More effectively produced airport services also provide airlines with cost advantages, which are also ultimately the precondition for moderate flight ticket prices’.

Automated self-service bag drop solutions carry the luggage from the passenger to the cargo hold with no other intervention from airline staff. Self-service check-in allows passengers to check-in online, attend the airport with less time to wait for the flight, drop off baggage with self-printing baggage tags and board the plane.

This is why scanning machines are critical to the success of the process. All baggage must still be checked enroute to the aircraft effectively and efficiently to minimise delays, while maintaining utmost safety.

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