Monthly Archives: December 2012

This week it was reported that non-profit initiative “Care by Air” is promoting the concept that empty business aviation flights could be used for humanitarian endeavours.

Care by Air says that 80% of the UN humanitarian aid budget goes to the cost of logistics. Given that, there is an opportunity for the aviation industry to give back to society simply by offering unused capacity at cost price for humanitarian causes.

Care by Air says that flights worldwide are 34% empty – equal to 1.5 million tonnes of empty cargo space. The business aviation community are asked if they could use some of this empty capacity for humanitarian causes at cost price. Just a.0003% take up could provide food  for 5 million people

“MEBA is the perfect platform to interact with business aviation companies and promote humanitarian efforts – to expose just how much we can work together not just in terms of cargo space, but by providing fuel, haulage, warehousing and other costs,” says Care by Air.

The Al Maktoum International Airport is hosting the much acclaimed MEBA event, where ARINC Direct will be exhibiting this month.

ARINC Direct will be showcasing its ConnectOnboard Communications System at MEBA. This latest product in a host of flight support services for business aviation delivers complete ACARS messaging, utilizing an iPad application as the user interface, high quality voice using an iPhone or Android device, and managed email.

“This is fertile ground for ARINC and we are delighted to be expanding our portfolio of services and resources in readiness for the growth,” said James Hardie. ”Our ability to support the widest cross-section of customers with continually evolving products and innovations is an advantage that is the envy of our competitors.”

For more details on the passenger communications, flight support or flight deck communications services offered by ARINC Direct please visit the ARINC Direct Business Flight Planning site.