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Smart device apps making airports efficient | Aviation Industry NewsAs airline passenger numbers continue to increase around the world, airports are making sound investments in apps to assist passengers with self-service and automated solutions to make the processes of check-in, security and baggage handling easier. Airports are realising that these investments are already paying off in increased passenger experience and in the increased efficiency for the airport operator.

Common-use check-in and bag drop desks have been operating in global airports successfully, and with an estimated 80% of passengers now checking-in online using smart devices and their desktops, the introduction of apps has further streamlined the entire process of checking-in. Airports are also able to provide additional travel information to passengers via these innovative applications, which is another way travellers are gaining even greater control of their journey, increasing passenger satisfaction significantly.

Large airport services providers, such as Rockwell Collins, deliver technological advancements that enable airport operators to achieve greater efficiency across the airport environment, with solutions such as automated check-in kiosks, bag drop facilities and more common-use applications that can be accessed directly from smart devices. The addition of ARINC ExpressDrop has given airports the opportunity to address off-site baggage handling, further adding to efficiency, and helping to reduce waiting and queueing times.

As air travel continues to increase by an average of 5% every year, self-service passenger processing innovations seem an obvious path for airport operators to take.

Vladivostok International Airport Acquired | Aviation NewsIt has been announced that Russian Vladivostok International Airport has been acquired by a consortium, including Basic Element, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and Changi Airports International (the investment arm of Changi Airport).

The consortium aims to ‘create a high-tech aviation facility’ to raise standards in the region and to create a key hub. Already, the consortium has begun to expand the airport’s route network, and believes that the location of the airport is ideal to become the ‘gateway between Russia and the Asia-Pacific’.

Changi Airports International CEO, Lim Liang said, ‘Together with our partners, RDIF and Basic Element, we will develop Vladivostok International Airport as one of the best air hubs in the region with strong air connectivity and top-class service – two of our priority areas. We will showcase the uniqueness and vibrancy of Vladivostok and Russian Far East to the rest of the world through the airport, and open up this region to the vast opportunities in international trade and tourism.’

POD Point and Airparks EV Charging Points | Airports NewsElectric vehicle (EV) charging stations are soon to be operational at Birmingham and Luton airports, and will be free to use for drivers of electric vehicles using the car parks. These will become the first off-airport parking facilities to offer free vehicle charging.

The airport car parking facilities, run and managed by Airparks, will see the EV stations installed by POD Point, the leading provider of electric car charging units in the UK. Erik Fairbairn, CEO of POD Point noted that ‘this is a move that simply makes sense for all parties.’ Continuing, he said, ‘It not only gives EV drivers a clear destination of choice for knowing their car will be secure and well managed while away, but also peace of mind of knowing that whatever time of day they land back, their car is charged and ready to go.’

Airparks, the latest partner for POD Point, is proud to be the first off-airport car park to offer the free facility. Andrew Bird, GM at Airparks said, ‘We’re committed to constantly evolving our products to benefit our customer’s needs; and this new service means that people driving electric vehicles can use Airparks’ car parks and return from their trip to a fully charged vehicle. The EV market is growing year on year and we hope that Airparks will be the car park of choice for EV owners flying from Birmingham and Luton.’

Announced on October 23, Rockwell Collins is set to further expand its cockpit and cabin solutions product portfolio with the acquisition of B/E Aerospace for the sum of $8.4 billion.

B/E Aerospace began life in 1987 as Bach Engineering, and has enjoyed success since then, expanding with acquisitions such as EECO Inc, PTC Aerospace Inc and Aircraft Products Gallery, changing its name to B/E Aerospace Inc in 1992.

Its strong position in the cabin interiors sector has spread to aerospace consumables and logistics, distribution and energy services.

Growth since its inception in 1987 has been significant, and B/E Aerospace now employs more than 10,000 personnel over 35 facilities around the world.

Acquisition of B/E Aerospace will add value to Rockwell Collins’ considerable portfolio, as the image below demonstrates.

Rockwell Collins Expanded Product Portfolio | B/E Aerospace