Rockwell Collins to Acquire B/E Aerospace for $8.4 Billion

Announced on October 23, Rockwell Collins is set to further expand its cockpit and cabin solutions product portfolio with the acquisition of B/E Aerospace for the sum of $8.4 billion.

B/E Aerospace began life in 1987 as Bach Engineering, and has enjoyed success since then, expanding with acquisitions such as EECO Inc, PTC Aerospace Inc and Aircraft Products Gallery, changing its name to B/E Aerospace Inc in 1992.

Its strong position in the cabin interiors sector has spread to aerospace consumables and logistics, distribution and energy services.

Growth since its inception in 1987 has been significant, and B/E Aerospace now employs more than 10,000 personnel over 35 facilities around the world.

Acquisition of B/E Aerospace will add value to Rockwell Collins’ considerable portfolio, as the image below demonstrates.

Rockwell Collins Expanded Product Portfolio | B/E Aerospace

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