Free Electric Car Charging Soon to Become Available at Birmingham and Luton Airports

POD Point and Airparks EV Charging Points | Airports NewsElectric vehicle (EV) charging stations are soon to be operational at Birmingham and Luton airports, and will be free to use for drivers of electric vehicles using the car parks. These will become the first off-airport parking facilities to offer free vehicle charging.

The airport car parking facilities, run and managed by Airparks, will see the EV stations installed by POD Point, the leading provider of electric car charging units in the UK. Erik Fairbairn, CEO of POD Point noted that ‘this is a move that simply makes sense for all parties.’ Continuing, he said, ‘It not only gives EV drivers a clear destination of choice for knowing their car will be secure and well managed while away, but also peace of mind of knowing that whatever time of day they land back, their car is charged and ready to go.’

Airparks, the latest partner for POD Point, is proud to be the first off-airport car park to offer the free facility. Andrew Bird, GM at Airparks said, ‘We’re committed to constantly evolving our products to benefit our customer’s needs; and this new service means that people driving electric vehicles can use Airparks’ car parks and return from their trip to a fully charged vehicle. The EV market is growing year on year and we hope that Airparks will be the car park of choice for EV owners flying from Birmingham and Luton.’

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