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Today it has been discussed that Carlyle Group LP could sell Landmark Aviation for up to $1.7 billion. Landmark Aviation is a business jet maintenance and leasing company headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 68 locations across the US, Canada and Europe, and cites itself as one of the largest FBO networks.

The comments, from undisclosed parties, have not been confirmed by either Landmark Aviation or the Carlyle Group, who bought the company in 2012.

Aviation Consultancy Providers to Help Reduce Messaging CostsAs global fuel prices continue to decrease, and look likely to keep falling for the foreseeable future, the fuel levy in countries such as India will remain in place according to government sources.

As the current jet fuel levy makes up almost 40% of airlines’ operational costs, operators must consider other options to manage costs.

Operational messaging costs can quickly spiral out of control in many message platforms. Mandatory messaging increases every year as regulations change across the world, passenger numbers rise and security is tightened.

The air travel industry must maintain a robust infrastructure and certain aspects of operational efficiency demand high messaging volume that can quickly become unmanageable and expensive. It makes sense for airlines to review their traffic profile regularly to avoid duplication and to simplify their messaging infrastructure wherever possible.

As the demand for passenger connectivity soars, Gogo have announced that it has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for its latest 2Ku satellite service. They are hoping for a successful launch later this year for commercial aircraft.

Passengers on commercial planes today want to be able to use the internet onboard and the competition is hotting up amongst the providers.

Rockwell Collins’ Cabin Connect, powered by Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and with plans for the additional speed capabilities of GX later this year, allows for live streaming, video calling and surfing the internet from the passenger’s seat on the aircraft.

The video below shows how.

Disaster Comms Launched by Rockwell Collins | Read The Full Article on their WebsiteWorld-leading aviation communications provider, Rockwell Collins, has announced the launch of a new disaster communications network – ARINC UrgentLink – to enable first-responders communications channels when local ground networks have been compromised, damaged or destroyed.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC UrgentLink leverages current mission critical transmission technologies, successfully used and proven within the aviation industry, and uses licensed radio frequencies specifically disaster-authorised by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Information About HFDL & Providers | Aviation NewsThe US Army is funding a series of tests on systems that deliver secure voice and data communications after they received upgraded AN/ARC-231s.

In a significant milestone for the upgrade program, testing for certification comes at the culmination of the new EDM deliveries and the contract is worth $39 million.

The VHF/UHF multi-mode, multi-band communications systems, provided by Raytheon, will be tested to provide full cryptographic certification.

HFDL is a viable, proven alternative to SATCOM on long-haul routes and can ‘stand-in’ for VHF on short-haul flights. The upgrades will allow SATCOM networking without compromising the legacy systems for air-to-air and air-to-ground communications.

US Department of Defence Award Contracts | Business Aviation NewsTwo separate contracts worth a total of more than $880 million have been announced this week by the US’s Department of Defence, in addition to several other contract awards for ACARS, engineering and technical services, and implementation for the country’s Naval fleet.

The military communications systems contracts will involve no ‘up-front’ payment awards, with funds distribution for assignment as orders are individually processed.

ViaSat and Data Link Solutions are the biggest awards, and they will handle Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) and Low Volume Terminal (LVT) to ensure high-performance, secure and jam-resistant data and voice communications systems for the Navy, Army and Air Force.

Providers of Systems for Secure PNR Transmission | Find Out MoreEuropean Union MEPs last week approved a new ruling in a bid to support the world’s efforts to combat terrorism amidst an ongoing argument from critics against the collection and storage of passenger data. Last month saw serious negotiations and proposed guidelines were publicly released, awaiting approval.

Criticisms of PNR transmission and in particular, the storage of such personal data is not a new occurrence. The European Data Protection Supervisor, Mr Giovanni Buttarelli, said he is ‘uncomfortable with the idea of mass surveillance.’ He, and other critics of passenger information harvesting, believe that a better system would involve the targeting of specific flight categories and destination countries.

The new ruling, now passed as law across the EU, known as the EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) directive, has been in the discussion stages for almost four years, and has been revised following a previous rejection. Since the most recent wave of terrorist attacks in Europe, the directive was again brought up-to-date with additions to security measures, strict handling guidelines and storage rules.

The passenger information must only be accessed to investigate suspected terrorist activity or serious crime, such as people trafficking or exploitation, drug or weapons smuggling or money laundering.

It is also confirmed that data will be de-personalised after 30 days and deleted permanently after a period of five years.

PNR transmission must be handled securely and a strictly structured system is being developed.

Find Out More About London City AirportLondon City Airport (LCY) has embraced the holiday season, and the inevitable increase in passenger traffic, with the installation of 26 self-service check-in kiosks to help speed up passenger processing.

Designed by SITA, the kiosks are user-friendly and can also display flight information, including flight disruption and way finding.

Other providers of airport self-service kiosks, such as ARINC, utilise common use terminal equipment for the addition of single bag drop points for multiple airlines, further streamlining the check in process.

As passenger numbers rise at a global average of 5% every year, and noticeably more-so at certain peak times, it is clear that the increase of automated airport check-in systems is also inevitable.

Other Security Technology ProvidersAn upgrade of western US’s airports and ports is to be deployed as part of the TSA’s mission to reinforce the security of national transport systems.

In a contract worth up to $450 million across western, eastern and Central America, the TSA mean to strengthen security under the Transportation Security Equipment Deployment Services (TEDS) project.

Lockheed Martin have received a contract for the western US and will install security technology equipment in several areas, covering airports, ports, cargo facilities and terminals.

All across the globe, borders are being strengthened and facility security providers are becoming ever-busier, as governments and agencies strive to install the latest that the security technology sector has to offer.

Find Out More About Information Management for Aviation and Facility SecurityRockwell Collins has announced another acquisition with the purchase of International Communications Group Inc. in a $50 million deal, which may rise by an additional $14 million after the deal is completed.

ICG Inc., based in Virginia, provides the aviation industry with global satellite voice and data communications products and services. Once the deal is finalised, Rockwell Collins will integrate ICG’s portfolio into its growing information management business, particularly with the latest generation of Iridium smart routers and satellite communications terminals.

CEO of ICG Inc., Mr Scott Trainum said of the acquisition, “Bringing ICG into the Rockwell Collins family is the culmination of 20 years of hard work by the dedicated team of professionals at ICG. [This is] a remarkable accomplishment by all of our people.”