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FAA Release Draft EA for Airspace ImprovementsIn a bid to improve efficiency and safety of the flow of air traffic in Southern California, the FAA and the US Dept. of Transportation have released a Draft Environmental Assessment (Draft EA) as a part of the Metroplex project, which proposes the replacement of a number of current air traffic procedures.

The replacement of conventional procedures with satellite-based solutions, in accordance with the latest NextGen system will include a roll-out over most of South California and will encompass six of the region’s major airports.

The FAA has released the Draft EA for public review and is inviting comments on the proposals.

Providers of Advanced Airport Infrastructure SystemsU.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand have spoken this month about the importance of pushing for resources for the country’s local airports and have confirmed that the Joseph Y. Resnick Airport in Warwarsing will receive $1.2 million for the US Department of Transportation to ensure vital airport upgrades and infrastructure are in place.

The upgrades will strengthen efficiency and enhance safety, particularly with the plans for lighting system upgrades for low-visibility conditions.

Airport efficiency and infrastructure systems can help small and medium-sized airports across the world to cope with increasing passenger traffic while maintaining security measures vital to their successful operation.

Providers of Baggage Systems for AirportsFunding has been approved by the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport board this week as passenger numbers continue to rise.

Several new airport infrastructure projects are on the table, including technology updates for the existing baggage system, runway lighting and ground transportation.

A grant from the Florida Department of Transportation has been approved, bringing $1.6 million to be made available as soon as the beginning of July.

Rockwell Collins' New eBook | Download HereA new eBook was launched earlier this month to coincide with the Paris Air Show. The new book, entitled, ‘Harnessing the Power of Aviation’s Information Age’ shares insights into the ways that the latest technology can be utilised to streamline and secure the information that flows between modern aircraft and ground-based operational departments.

The book, authored by industry experts from Rockwell Collins, addresses the future and existing opportunities for flight deck systems, connectivity and IFE and is introduced by Jeff Standerski, senior vice president of Information Management Services and Kent Statler, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Commercial Systems at Rockwell Collins.

The eBook is available and can be downloaded now. Click here for further information.

Worldwide Cabin Services ProvidersRockwell Collins again hit the aviation headlines this week as they team with Inmarsat and Hawaiian Airlines to begin critical evaluations of Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband for safety services.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC aviation communications network will play what is described as a ‘central role’ in Hawaiian Airlines’ evaluation of Future Air Navigation System (FANS) over SwiftBroadband.

For Hawaiian Airlines, the testing offers a wider opportunity for them to utilise SwiftBroadband for flight deck connectivity, passenger communications and cabin services.

ARINC AIM Platform for Enhanced Infrastructure SecurityRockwell Collins has announced the release of an upgrade to its ARINC AIM user interface which incorporates state-of-the-art technology to deliver an improved experience for users.

The upgrade delivers intuitive workflows, configurable desktop themes, customisable workspace layouts, in-built graphical display editor and improvements to the user feedback mechanism.

Built using Agile software development methodology, the new interface will provide users of ARINC AIM with enhanced flexibility that can more effectively help them manage unexpected changes to critical infrastructure security.

With real-time situational awareness, ARINC AIM’s platform is commonly utilised in nuclear power facilities to monitor security, access and command and control.

Find Out More About ARINCDirect's Business Aviation ServicesTesting has been completed of a new eRouter for optimised aircraft internet for business jets, it has been announced this week.

The new service, launched in a collaboration between Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect, XipLink and International Communications Group Inc. (ICG) will utilise XipLink XA appliance gateways on the ground, and deliver two-way ‘bracketed’ optimisation via XipLink’s Virtual modules to and from the aircraft. The results will offer high-speed connectivity for business aviation.

Other Providers of Airport Physical Security Systems | Aviation Industry NewsPerth Airport has announced an expansion of their video surveillance system which will double its camera presence and allow them to meet regulatory requirements for security and surveillance across one of the largest Australian airports, handling more than 13 million passengers every year.

Over the next five years, Perth Airport hopes to complete a regeneration program that will see completion of a third runway, a hotel, additional car parking capacity and new domestic and international piers.

Using video surveillance is a large part of their airport security, one of the largest in Australia and the latest expansion will take their total to around 1,000 cameras, with further plans for an additional 300-400 cameras when the new terminal opens.

Their new system, installed by Aimetis Symphony and EMC Isilon, gives them real-time access and instant playback.

Business Aviation NewsInternational Jet Management and Mena Aerospace have entered into a joint venture for the promotion, sale and co-ordination of chartered business jets in Bahrain, which will allow IJM to develop and expand its business into the Middle East.

The MENA subsidiary, MAE Aircraft Management, hold a Kingdom of Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs-issued Aircraft Operating Certificate and are based at Bahrain International Airport in a private hangar facility.

By forming the partnership, IJM are looking forward to working with a locally respected aircraft management company to ‘achieve a strategy for mutual growth.’

Industry Leading Providers of APIS | Business Aviation NewsDelays caused by manual screening of passenger information in the Cayman Islands has led to a series of talks regarding the use of Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) to handle sensitive information.

Current Chief Immigration Officer for Cayman, Bruce Smith indicated that ‘technical tests’ were conducted to ensure a consistency of information was transmitted and it ‘didn’t work out’.

Cayman Airways were supposed to be the first to implement APIS, to ensure passengers leaving the region were authorised to do so, and not on any ‘watch lists’, but the airline has not had all destinations included in the passenger screening program.

Until an APIS system can be enforced, manual screening is the only way to ensure security checks are made.