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ARINC AviSec Messaging - Passenger Data Transfer

ARINC AviSec Messaging – Passenger Data Transfer

This week’s focus is on one of the solutions offered by ARINC for essential aircraft messaging and transmission of passenger name records and advance passenger information. ARINC has been providing high-performance, reliable messaging for the aviation industry for over 50 years. Passenger Data Transfer and Advanced Passenger Information solutions from ARINC are the most reliable in the world, and the focus is very much on creating solutions that are high value to the customer at a low cost at a flat monthly rate.

Daily, 16 million messages are sent to 3,000 customers, supporting the two main requirements of traveller intelligence delivery of Advance Passenger Information between carrier and government. API is obligatory in the USA and all EU member states and increasingly being required around the world. Combined with Passenger Name Records (PNR), this information must be sent to the destination country’s border security department for passenger screening and failure to supply the information airlines can obtain a hefty fine.

It is vital for aviation security that information is communicated with the highest reliability. There are a number of ways API and PNR can be delivered, but Type B is fool proof. AviSec handle and convert multiple formats from different airline systems and safely transmit data over ARINC’s highly resilient AviNet network.

ARINC AviSec Data Transfer Pricing can be delivered either Flights Per Month (FPM) or total flat rate for iAPP. They have a simple pricing structure makes it easy for airlines to understand and manage costs effectively.

With this exciting solution it is clear that aircraft messaging can be both affordable and reliable. To find out more please visit

Private Jets on the Up

Private jet travel is no longer reserved for pop stars and the super rich as a new companies such as NetJets or VistaJets offer pay-as-you-go options with their private fleets, costing anything from £3,000-£8,000 an hour. These private fleets may well be the future for business aviaton.

European private jet business is up nine per cent on last year, and it is easy to see why the option is so popular among the ‘regular’ rich — the bankers and entrepreneurs — for whom first class is just not swanky enough.

In June this year the world’s first corporate aviation showroom for business jet aircraft’ opened on Hyde Park Corner. ‘The Jet Business’ is owned by Steve Varsano from New York. He chose London, he says, because ‘anybody who can afford a jet comes to London’.

Private jet travel remains popular for all those who feel that first class is not classy enough. By going private jet  you can expect to be fast tracked through customs and immigration control, and take as many sharp knives and bottled liquids on board as they desire. Once on the aircraft, flights are usually shorter as business aircraft are often faster than their commercial counterparts.

During this summer’s peak season there were more than 30 private jet landings a day on Ibiza and it is here that the new democratization of private jet travel is most evident. Every weekend at Ibiza Airport you will see banks of jets (four- to seven-seat Citations mainly), each bearing the livery of a different superstar DJ or nightclub.

‘Ten years ago the idea of a DJ demanding a private jet was considered outrageous, but in the past decade it’s almost become an industry standard,’ says Pacha resident DJ Pete Tong. ‘Erick Morillo started it all.’

So despite the economic downturn being suffered across the world, perhaps business aviation still has a rosy future.

ARINC Direct Passenger Communications & Flight Support

ARINC Direct Passenger Communications & Flight Support

Recently I came across a web site that assists all of us within the business aviation industry with a fantastic range of services at an affordable cost.  The services, from ARINC Direct, range from passenger communications to flight deck communications and flight support solutions.

ARINC Direct is a leading supplier of data link communications for the business aviation industry, with products and services specifically geared to meeting the unique set of challenges we face. Over half of the world’s business jets rely on ARINC Direct for communication needs.

There is a high demand from passengers for high speed broadband connections whilst in the air. ARINC Direct offer an integrated satellite service, allowing ARINC Direct to offer a complete collection of onboard internet products that are easy to use. This allows passengers to stay connected whether for private or corporate use throughout the flight. The services can also increase the cabin crew efficiency by collecting real time CRM data, resolve any customer issues in flight, book onboard transfers, and track lost baggage.

Flight planning can be made simpler and more efficient with the help from ARINC Direct. With a suite of flight planning services from ARINC Direct you can benefit from airway slot management, advanced route planning, runway analysis and heaps more. They provide flight plans tailored to your aircraft ensuring accurate trip times, fuel consumption and routes. These flight plans are made available by data link or disk, ensuring error free loading on the flight management system.

ARINC’s Flight Deck Weather Graphics are cost effective and reliable. Their support covers either the Honeywell Primus Epic® or Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21® avionics suites offering next generation services.  ARINC Direct are the only service provider that can boast of radar data outside of the continental United States, delivering the most up-to-the-minute weather in the flight deck.

ARINC Direct are the leader in aviation technology solutions — in the air and on the ground —and are committed to the business flight industry. To discover more find them on:

Boeing Business Jet sets world speed record

Picture courtesy of Boeing

This week we heard that Boeing Business Jets have set a set a new world record for “Speed Over a Recognised Course”.
A Boeing business jet flew non-stop from Los Angeles to Auckland (5,658nm) in in 13h 7min 54s for installation of its VIP interior, according to the official US aviation record keeper, the National Aeronautic Association.

“When we left Los Angeles with full fuel, we were 9,534kg (21,000lb) below our maximum take-off weight,” says BBJ captain and company president Steve Taylor. “This means that the customer can add a full VIP interior, fill all the seats and still carry full fuel and have remarkable range – something our competitor with the same class business jet simply cannot do nonstop,” he adds.
Owned by Samsung Electronics, the aircraft had 3,540kg of fuel remaining when it landed in Auckland and will now undergo interior outfitting at Altitude Aerospace Interiors’ completion facility.

Boeing Business Jet sets world speed record

Picture courtesy of Boeing

The Virgin VS Airbus A330 to be the first Virgin aircraft to be fitted with ARINC’s Cabin Connect by March 2013.

ARNIC Swiftbroadband, an IP-based packet-switched service that has constant data connection is being launched with Virgin Atlantic. It benefits all passengers to access internet who can now use their own portable electronic devices via ARINC SwiftBroadband Wi-Fi Internet hotspots and providing oceanic satellite coverage. Cockpit and cabin needs, including flight plan, weather, and chart updates, as well as telephone, text messaging, e-mail, Internet and intranet access will be available.

For more information about ARINC Cabin Connect please visit their site.

This day and age it is very important that we ensure that border control is secure and therefore essential that no unauthorised travellers enter the country. This is where the Border Management Solutions from ARINC facilitate improved airport operations and border security whilst offering competitive pricing.

It is a legal responsibility of airline carriers that migration laws and regulations are adhered to and therefore a necessity to be aware of and comply with a wide range of legislation and regulations relating to national border control procedure and admittance. Failure to supply API and interactive API (IAPI) airlines can end up with huge fines.

Therefore, Messaging for Government Mandated Authority to Carry requests and responses and Advance Passenger Information is vital. With a flat monthly fee, whole service or charge per flight ARINC makes things simple and easy to ensure manageable costs.

ARINC controls the world’s largest private global network with a highly secure and reliable service that is competitively priced. For more info:

ARINC have developed a consultancy service to help understand Type B Messaging. By using their message calculator tool on their website it is possible to ascertain immediately an idea of the size of potential saving can be seen.  ARINC can decrease Messaging costs, simplify IT and communication setups and foresee future needs by working with their clients in a consultative manner.

Having 80 years of aviation communications experience, ARINC understands Type B. They work with airlines in consultation on current messaging environment and give a clear understanding of how Type B is being used, with a view of how an improvement can be made. They also look to the future, offering alternative methods of message delivery where appropriate. This is all reported to the client for a comprehensive business case.

Recommendations will cover use of alternative techniques such as the internet, XML, or SOAP. Airlines will be able to reuse and optimise existing internet infrastructure, which will cut down on high cost leased technology.

Due to security mandates, increased passenger data etc. the impact of Type B costs have greatly increased. ARINC are dedicated to reducing costs and are confident an analysis will provide immediate savings.

Find out more by viewing the website:

ARINC Cabin ConnectToday we are focusing on the brilliant facility of the Cabin Connect Suite offered from ARINC for both passengers and air crew. Cabin Connect has next generation connectivity and enhanced bandwidth provided by a partnership between ARINC and SwiftBroadband.

SwiftBroadband is one of the best, maximum cost effective, global, packet switched satellite communications networks available today. With a combined aviation experience of over 100 years airlines can make the most of the technical expertise of two industry leaders, ARINC and Inmarsat SwiftBroadband.

With ARINC’s Cabin Connect Solution passengers can surf the internet using their own electronic devices which can promote passenger loyalty to your services. In turn Cabin Crew can become more efficient by offering a better level of customer service by using ARINC’s AirCrew Connect. For those key passengers, Cabin crew can now act as a concierge service.  They would be able to remedy customer service issues straight away by having a direct link back to the head office, or ground team whilst in flight and experience an increase in operational the efficiencies.

For additional information please visit:

This year it is Moscow-based Vnukovo 3 aviation terminal hosting the Jet Expo 2012, featuring some 100 companies from 27 countries.

Today’s trend in the market is high-pace development, especially taking into account that most jets are now used not to fly their owners on holidays but to business meetings, deal signings or large corporation inspections.

Jet Expo 2012

Photo: AFP

The Jet Expo showcases aircraft with great versatility and design. Bombardier, who have been operating in Russia for a long time, and consider the country a vital and key market brought four of its new business jets.

Italy’s Piaggio Aero is showcasing its new Piaggio P180Avanti twin-engine turboprop aircraft with a Ferrai logo which is often called Aero Ferrari.

158 business jets are registered in Russia and experts predict 525 jets to be imported up to 2020, while in 2021-2030 the number of jets is forecast to reach 1,700 machines.

Whilst looking at various business aviation products I came across a service from ARINC Direct that allows pilots to use mobile devices to access flight planning services – ARINC Direct Mobile. Pilots are able to manage most of the flight planning without a computer. They can create, amend or cancel a flight plan as well as send messages to and fro from the aircraft with the reliability we would insist on.

Mobile Flight Planning Solutions

With these mobile devices pilots have access to real time text and graphic weather reports, are able to order fuel, have radar and have access to airport information -getting the most up to date information available for flight planning.

ARINC Direct Business Aviation Solutions is known world over to be the most capable company in the industry to provide private jet owners and operators with a level of innovation, technology and service. We can rest assured when we use the services from ARINC Direct for passenger & crew communications and flight support services of a first class service.

For more info: