In Focus: Air Communications from ARINC Direct

ARINC Direct Passenger Communications & Flight Support

ARINC Direct Passenger Communications & Flight Support

Recently I came across a web site that assists all of us within the business aviation industry with a fantastic range of services at an affordable cost.  The services, from ARINC Direct, range from passenger communications to flight deck communications and flight support solutions.

ARINC Direct is a leading supplier of data link communications for the business aviation industry, with products and services specifically geared to meeting the unique set of challenges we face. Over half of the world’s business jets rely on ARINC Direct for communication needs.

There is a high demand from passengers for high speed broadband connections whilst in the air. ARINC Direct offer an integrated satellite service, allowing ARINC Direct to offer a complete collection of onboard internet products that are easy to use. This allows passengers to stay connected whether for private or corporate use throughout the flight. The services can also increase the cabin crew efficiency by collecting real time CRM data, resolve any customer issues in flight, book onboard transfers, and track lost baggage.

Flight planning can be made simpler and more efficient with the help from ARINC Direct. With a suite of flight planning services from ARINC Direct you can benefit from airway slot management, advanced route planning, runway analysis and heaps more. They provide flight plans tailored to your aircraft ensuring accurate trip times, fuel consumption and routes. These flight plans are made available by data link or disk, ensuring error free loading on the flight management system.

ARINC’s Flight Deck Weather Graphics are cost effective and reliable. Their support covers either the Honeywell Primus Epic® or Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21® avionics suites offering next generation services.  ARINC Direct are the only service provider that can boast of radar data outside of the continental United States, delivering the most up-to-the-minute weather in the flight deck.

ARINC Direct are the leader in aviation technology solutions — in the air and on the ground —and are committed to the business flight industry. To discover more find them on:

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