In Focus: ARINC’s AviSec Service – cost efficient solutions for airlines

ARINC AviSec Messaging - Passenger Data Transfer

ARINC AviSec Messaging – Passenger Data Transfer

This week’s focus is on one of the solutions offered by ARINC for essential aircraft messaging and transmission of passenger name records and advance passenger information. ARINC has been providing high-performance, reliable messaging for the aviation industry for over 50 years. Passenger Data Transfer and Advanced Passenger Information solutions from ARINC are the most reliable in the world, and the focus is very much on creating solutions that are high value to the customer at a low cost at a flat monthly rate.

Daily, 16 million messages are sent to 3,000 customers, supporting the two main requirements of traveller intelligence delivery of Advance Passenger Information between carrier and government. API is obligatory in the USA and all EU member states and increasingly being required around the world. Combined with Passenger Name Records (PNR), this information must be sent to the destination country’s border security department for passenger screening and failure to supply the information airlines can obtain a hefty fine.

It is vital for aviation security that information is communicated with the highest reliability. There are a number of ways API and PNR can be delivered, but Type B is fool proof. AviSec handle and convert multiple formats from different airline systems and safely transmit data over ARINC’s highly resilient AviNet network.

ARINC AviSec Data Transfer Pricing can be delivered either Flights Per Month (FPM) or total flat rate for iAPP. They have a simple pricing structure makes it easy for airlines to understand and manage costs effectively.

With this exciting solution it is clear that aircraft messaging can be both affordable and reliable. To find out more please visit

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