In Focus: Next generation passenger connectivity from ARINC

ARINC Cabin ConnectToday we are focusing on the brilliant facility of the Cabin Connect Suite offered from ARINC for both passengers and air crew. Cabin Connect has next generation connectivity and enhanced bandwidth provided by a partnership between ARINC and SwiftBroadband.

SwiftBroadband is one of the best, maximum cost effective, global, packet switched satellite communications networks available today. With a combined aviation experience of over 100 years airlines can make the most of the technical expertise of two industry leaders, ARINC and Inmarsat SwiftBroadband.

With ARINC’s Cabin Connect Solution passengers can surf the internet using their own electronic devices which can promote passenger loyalty to your services. In turn Cabin Crew can become more efficient by offering a better level of customer service by using ARINC’s AirCrew Connect. For those key passengers, Cabin crew can now act as a concierge service.  They would be able to remedy customer service issues straight away by having a direct link back to the head office, or ground team whilst in flight and experience an increase in operational the efficiencies.

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