In Focus: Understanding Type B Messaging

ARINC have developed a consultancy service to help understand Type B Messaging. By using their message calculator tool on their website it is possible to ascertain immediately an idea of the size of potential saving can be seen.  ARINC can decrease Messaging costs, simplify IT and communication setups and foresee future needs by working with their clients in a consultative manner.

Having 80 years of aviation communications experience, ARINC understands Type B. They work with airlines in consultation on current messaging environment and give a clear understanding of how Type B is being used, with a view of how an improvement can be made. They also look to the future, offering alternative methods of message delivery where appropriate. This is all reported to the client for a comprehensive business case.

Recommendations will cover use of alternative techniques such as the internet, XML, or SOAP. Airlines will be able to reuse and optimise existing internet infrastructure, which will cut down on high cost leased technology.

Due to security mandates, increased passenger data etc. the impact of Type B costs have greatly increased. ARINC are dedicated to reducing costs and are confident an analysis will provide immediate savings.

Find out more by viewing the website:

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