Focusing on secure boarder control with Border Management Solutions from ARINC

This day and age it is very important that we ensure that border control is secure and therefore essential that no unauthorised travellers enter the country. This is where the Border Management Solutions from ARINC facilitate improved airport operations and border security whilst offering competitive pricing.

It is a legal responsibility of airline carriers that migration laws and regulations are adhered to and therefore a necessity to be aware of and comply with a wide range of legislation and regulations relating to national border control procedure and admittance. Failure to supply API and interactive API (IAPI) airlines can end up with huge fines.

Therefore, Messaging for Government Mandated Authority to Carry requests and responses and Advance Passenger Information is vital. With a flat monthly fee, whole service or charge per flight ARINC makes things simple and easy to ensure manageable costs.

ARINC controls the world’s largest private global network with a highly secure and reliable service that is competitively priced. For more info:

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