Virgin America Select Cloud-Computing Solution for Aircraft Records Management

Aircraft Records Management Solutions ProviderAirlines are seeking more efficient and scalable solutions for aircraft maintenance and critical information management and Virgin America are no exception. As an award-winning airline, Virgin America need to maintain high-performance levels, high-quality service, efficiency standards and compliance and have selected the latest cloud-based computing service to manage maintenance records for their expanding fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft.

Cloud-based technological solutions can maintain the integrity of the information stored and allow for efficient data-sharing with DCS, supply chain and regulatory authorities.

Virgin America will use AirVault, it has been announced today, to implement their solution, AirVault Mx Records Management.
‘Providing an inventive systems approach was a key driver of our decision. AirVault’s experience with airlines around the world offered Virgin America a framework of best practices specific to aircraft maintenance records that was easy to configure and integrate with our current aircraft engineering systems,’ said Nick Brohm, Virgin America Director of Quality Assurance.

AirVault CEO John Oldham said, ‘We are proud of Virgin America’s choice of AirVault as their mission-critical information management service for aircraft maintenance. AirVault shares Virgin America’s vision of innovation and providing premier service, pushing the use of advanced technology to improve their aircraft maintenance operations and environmental sustainability.’

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