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Find out more about Rockwell Collins' ARINC AIM | Nuclear Facility SecurityRockwell Collins’ ARINC AIM platform has been selected by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District for the provision of physical and infrastructure security for the Rancho Seco facility.

AIM is a secure platform offering the nuclear facility solutions for cyber security, intrusion detection, surveillance and situational awareness and in turn, compliance with the changing NRC mandates.

Rancho Seco will join many of the country’s nuclear power facilities with the implementation of ARINC AIM.

Other Leading Providers of Reliable Aviation Information Management SolutionsSATCOM Direct, satellite communications provider, has launched a new data centre solutions facility, TerraCom Direct, this month. The new wing of the company promises information security and monitoring for land, sea and air-based operators.

Jim Jensen, CEO and Founder of SATCOM Direct, said “Information security is a huge issue for businesses and individuals. Our new data center is the key to safeguarding connectivity and communications streams, and better securing the missions of our customers. SATCOM Direct and TerraCom Direct customers can have enterprise level security for air, land and sea.”

“The key advantage we have over other data solution providers is flexibility. We offer a wide range of connectivity options, so whether the client simply needs rack space, a private network, or full migration to the cloud, we have the expertise and the capabilities. With our highly-redundant infrastructure and 24/7 support, we do everything possible to ensure 100 percent uptime and uninterrupted service,” said Rich Pilock, president of TerraCom Direct.

Secure and reliable information management is critical to operational productivity and providers aim to establish seamless networks for the protection of mission and facility-critical information on a global scale.

Advanced Information Management for Critical FacilitiesIt has been announced this week that Endeavor Air, subsidiary of Delta Airlines, has selected AirVault’s Mx Records Management solution for a new, cloud-based system to manage maintenance records.

Information Management systems can help to streamline all types of fleet and airport records, facilitating greater efficiency, compliance and enhancing safety aspects associated with regular aircraft maintenance.

“We are thrilled that Endeavor Air has chosen AirVault for the mission-critical IT service for aircraft maintenance records,” added John Oldham, AirVault CEO. “AirVault shares Endeavor’s commitment to using advanced technology to ‘raise the bar’ in regards to improving aircraft maintenance operations.”

Find out more about Aviation Information Management SolutionsThe Asia Pacific region sees a new advanced information management company launched today with a partnership between GroupEAD Europe and Airways New Zealand.

Using a cloud-based system, the company aim to remove the need for new installations of technology hardware to give their customers flexibility for cost-management while meeting the ICAO AIM to SWIM transition requirements.

“Aeronautical information management is quickly changing the way the aviation industry operates, with a new focus on the whole information picture rather than the provision of standard products. This joint venture offers support to regions, states, airports and airlines needing to improve their data distribution and to meet the new ICAO standards,” said Mr Heinz-Michael Kraft, CEO of GroupEAD Europe.

Leading advanced information management (AIM) providers, such as ARINC, can help to streamline airport operations and give operational agility to operators, airports and airlines with cost efficient solutions for the management of data, mission critical messaging and other communications solutions.

As airports move towards more cost oriented operations management, AIM solutions can help to create a secure, reliable platform that facilitates swift access to vital security data while maintaining the stringent standards set by governing agencies.

Find out more about Airline Information ManagementIn support of the Single European Sky initiative, plans have been announced by NATS, British air navigation service provider (ANSP) and Avinor, a Norwegian equivalent, to share an aeronautical information management system. The plan is a vital step forward in the Borealis Alliance of ANSPs that will look to share operational information and the association provision costs with airlines and airports across Europe.

A remotely hosted system, accessed over a secure web portal, will provide common use tools and applications that will support all the core functions for operations.

Advanced Information Management systems bring mission critical transmissions and messaging within a secure, reliable network that is easily accessible to those who need it. As airlines, airports and other partners look for ways to manage information and reduce costs, AIM systems are adaptable and offer a scalable solution for widespread improvements.

NATS head of information, Andrew Sage said, “Our joint procurement has already saved both Avinor and NATS, as members of the Borealis Alliance, considerable resource and capital investment.  It clearly signals the desire for ANSPs to collaborate as partners, motivated by business drivers, and achieve the aims of the Single European Sky.”

Head of technical and aeronautical information management at Avinor, Torunn Carlsson said, “The new system will help us improve efficiency in the IAIP production chain, and give us the opportunity to provide more and better value added information management services.”

Advanced Information Management Systems ProvidersAviation access management solutions are essential to maintain seamless access control within airports and secure facilities and the marketplace welcomes the latest expansion from Global Elite Group (GEG) this week. Secure Swipe is a portable hand-held unit that utilises a bar code, magnetic strip and RFID reader.

 “Aviation management requires a critical eye to identify where vulnerabilities are, that must be addressed. Having a unit which tracks and records where workers go will accomplish this goal,” said William McGuire, president & CEO of GEG.

The system, specifically designed for the aviation industry, adds a level of mobile security to a platform that improves basic entry security, including outside entry points with documented activity and serves as a guard tour to record an operator’s location.

Comprehensive aviation security is critical on many levels and access management solutions bring a layer of reliability to monitoring the in and outflow of airport staff. Access management solutions providers can enhance overall operational productivity and help to manage costs within the airport infrastructure.

Aircraft Records Management Solutions ProviderAirlines are seeking more efficient and scalable solutions for aircraft maintenance and critical information management and Virgin America are no exception. As an award-winning airline, Virgin America need to maintain high-performance levels, high-quality service, efficiency standards and compliance and have selected the latest cloud-based computing service to manage maintenance records for their expanding fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft.

Cloud-based technological solutions can maintain the integrity of the information stored and allow for efficient data-sharing with DCS, supply chain and regulatory authorities.

Virgin America will use AirVault, it has been announced today, to implement their solution, AirVault Mx Records Management.
‘Providing an inventive systems approach was a key driver of our decision. AirVault’s experience with airlines around the world offered Virgin America a framework of best practices specific to aircraft maintenance records that was easy to configure and integrate with our current aircraft engineering systems,’ said Nick Brohm, Virgin America Director of Quality Assurance.

AirVault CEO John Oldham said, ‘We are proud of Virgin America’s choice of AirVault as their mission-critical information management service for aircraft maintenance. AirVault shares Virgin America’s vision of innovation and providing premier service, pushing the use of advanced technology to improve their aircraft maintenance operations and environmental sustainability.’

Aviation Information Management Solutions ProvidersAs we near the implementation of phase three of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR), EUROCONTROL announce that they will be using MEGA’s software solutions to help describe the repository and conduct SESAR information management.

SESAR is a fundamental part of the program that will aim to supply and manage the modernisation of air traffic control over Europe in the Single European Sky initiative. Over the next thirty years, aviation management will be harmonised and unified and will include a unique air traffic control for both civil and military aviation.

Information management allows for sharing resources and information, including security data, research and collaborative decision making. MEGA are proud to see ‘our solutions used in transformation projects that will bring everyday benefits to so many people.’

airport security Indmex Aviation and OPEN Inc have collaborated to offer an integrated solution for airport situational awareness and incident response, it has been announced today.

The companies will provide runway incursion warnings and a records information management system for airport first responders and hope to initiate integrated airport EMS incident response systems.

Scott Streicher, Operations Director for OPEN, the creators of SafetyPAD for Emergency Medical Services, which is already used by Fire and EMS teams at some of the worlds busiest airports, said “After speaking with airport operations directors and airport emergency responders, it was clear to us that there is an unmet need for solutions that solve ongoing challenges at airports resulting from increased operations by both aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface. With the INDMEX partnership, we will be able to fulfil that demand.”

The solution is hoped to boost security and accountability for airport personnel with vehicle and personnel tracking and can be deployed over a range of mobile devices.

Airport security providers, such as ARINC, offer technological solutions to integrated physical and advanced information security.  The use of biometrics and other applications can serve to enhance monitoring capabilities of all system and subsystem activity.

ARINC, world-leading aviation communications providers also lead the way in the global security market with solutions for highly advanced information management, including ARINC AIM.

ARINC AIM (Advanced Information Management) offers integrated security technologies to the nuclear, military, ports, transportation and government facilities for real-time situational awareness capabilities.  For access control, vehicle and number plate recognition software, biometrics, video systems and identity management, ARINC AIM central command, control and monitoring can protect the critical infrastructure of sensitive, high security facilities.

ARINC uses an intelligent network of advanced technological solutions to provide critical installations across the globe with unique informational security.  Airport facilities and sensitive nuclear installations rely upon ARINC AIM for critical security and monitoring, multi-level controlled access and full system redundancy with resilience for communications, peripheral equipment as well as servers.

ARINC AIM furnishes clients with the reassurance of reliability, seamless integration and utmost efficiency of successful, continuous operations.  The name ARINC has remained synonymous with reliability for decades.  Groundbreaking innovative solutions continue to pave the way for technological advancements from flight deck to ground level security platforms.