Advanced Information Management Company Launched with Airways NZ

Find out more about Aviation Information Management SolutionsThe Asia Pacific region sees a new advanced information management company launched today with a partnership between GroupEAD Europe and Airways New Zealand.

Using a cloud-based system, the company aim to remove the need for new installations of technology hardware to give their customers flexibility for cost-management while meeting the ICAO AIM to SWIM transition requirements.

“Aeronautical information management is quickly changing the way the aviation industry operates, with a new focus on the whole information picture rather than the provision of standard products. This joint venture offers support to regions, states, airports and airlines needing to improve their data distribution and to meet the new ICAO standards,” said Mr Heinz-Michael Kraft, CEO of GroupEAD Europe.

Leading advanced information management (AIM) providers, such as ARINC, can help to streamline airport operations and give operational agility to operators, airports and airlines with cost efficient solutions for the management of data, mission critical messaging and other communications solutions.

As airports move towards more cost oriented operations management, AIM solutions can help to create a secure, reliable platform that facilitates swift access to vital security data while maintaining the stringent standards set by governing agencies.

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