Social Media Initiative Launched

Social Media Marketing in AviationPrivate aviation company, Kestrel Aircraft, has realised that a corporate shift has become necessary for them to communicate with their customers via a new social media initiative and is embracing the platforms as a ‘primary conduit to the general aviation industry’.

The official Kestrel site has been converted to a content management system that will deliver content to various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ in addition to creating short video posts that will document their progress towards certification. The company’s adoption of a collaborative communication strategy places them in a strong position in the aviation marketplace.

RJ Siegel, Chief Technologist at Kestrel said, commenting upon the slow uptake of the aviation industry to adopt the changes in social communication, “Social media promotes interaction between makers and users, which in turn provides rapid feedback and of course, promotes innovation. This is a vast communication channel which is only beginning to find its way into aviation”.

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