First Shared European Advanced Information Management System Plans

Find out more about Airline Information ManagementIn support of the Single European Sky initiative, plans have been announced by NATS, British air navigation service provider (ANSP) and Avinor, a Norwegian equivalent, to share an aeronautical information management system. The plan is a vital step forward in the Borealis Alliance of ANSPs that will look to share operational information and the association provision costs with airlines and airports across Europe.

A remotely hosted system, accessed over a secure web portal, will provide common use tools and applications that will support all the core functions for operations.

Advanced Information Management systems bring mission critical transmissions and messaging within a secure, reliable network that is easily accessible to those who need it. As airlines, airports and other partners look for ways to manage information and reduce costs, AIM systems are adaptable and offer a scalable solution for widespread improvements.

NATS head of information, Andrew Sage said, “Our joint procurement has already saved both Avinor and NATS, as members of the Borealis Alliance, considerable resource and capital investment.  It clearly signals the desire for ANSPs to collaborate as partners, motivated by business drivers, and achieve the aims of the Single European Sky.”

Head of technical and aeronautical information management at Avinor, Torunn Carlsson said, “The new system will help us improve efficiency in the IAIP production chain, and give us the opportunity to provide more and better value added information management services.”

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