Delhi Airport Installs Advanced Passenger Information System

Find out more about Advanced Passenger Information SystemIn a bid to enhance security and to check smuggling, Indira Ghandi International Airport (IGIA) has received the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) to keep track of passengers.

The system, put in place by the customs department, will provide an electronic database of all passengers, crew and airline staff that flow in and out of the airport. APIS systems are mandatory in the US and flag high-risk passengers while expediting the movements of low-risk passengers. The system maintains a high security situation, while streamlining ground operations and minimising delays.

The system will run as a pilot project within IGIA in the short term, with a plan to implement the Advanced Passenger Information System at all other international airports across the country. It is estimated that more than 3,000kg of gold is smuggled into the country every month and the new security measures will assist officials to keep track of ‘red flag’ passengers.

Providers of APIS systems, such as ARINC, can implement the solution tailored to the individual requirements of each airport, regardless of size or capacity.

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