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electronic border managementChicago O’Hare International Airport officials have announced that they will be launching an Automated Passport Control Programme to help passengers take more control of their journey by using self-service kiosks to speed up the US border clearance procedure and streamline operations with electronic border management.

“This technology reinforces Chicago’s leading position as a world-class destination for business and leisure travellers while spurring economic growth and smartly improving our nation’s security,” said Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel.

The new procedure for electronic border management became operational in Terminal 5 at the beginning of July and is open for free use to all US passengers arriving at Chicago’s O’Hare.  During the first month, the average waiting time over peak periods has been reduced by 16 minutes or an impressive 33%.

The introduction of the electronic border management system means that US passengers can proceed directly to the self-service kiosks to input their information, rather than filling in the paper Customs forms.  They can scan their passports and answer standard questions electronically using the user-friendly, touch-screen interface.

Self-service kiosks are also used for check-in operations around the world and are saving airlines, airports and passengers time and ultimately money with streamlined passenger processing and increased operational efficiency.  Companies such as ARINC Inc, provide cost-effective solutions for global travel improvements.


Following the announcement of the proposed sale of its parent company, ARINC Direct senior director of sales, Joel Ehrmann admitted that the merger could provide opportunities for both companies in terms of online flight planning and support services, but he was unable to talk about the deal.

“It’s still got to be approved by regulators,” he said, “So its business as usual until the sale completes. But there are a lot of potential synergies.”

Flight planning

At LABACE this year, ARINC Direct had their latest innovation, Xplore, the SATCOM box.  Once certified, the connection of iPad and other mobile devices in the cockpit will be easily and efficiently linked to the Iridium satellite network.  ARINC Direct may begin the pitch to helicopters, especially in the offshore oil industry.

ARINC Direct seem to be preparing for a new office in Brazil shortly; according to Mr Ehrmann, “The major thing here is everyone’s ramping up for the World Cup and Olympics in Rio.”  He believes that major improvements will be seen in infrastructure and activity.

Mr Ehrmann would not comment as to how many Brazillian or Latin American customers ARINC Direct have, but stated that worldwide, the company cater to over 3,100 aircraft.

ARINC Direct’s iPad app has been particularly popular in the business jet industry, with its flexibility for flight planning and flight support services.  It will work well with the Xplore box in the cockpit of private aircraft across the globe.

airport security Indmex Aviation and OPEN Inc have collaborated to offer an integrated solution for airport situational awareness and incident response, it has been announced today.

The companies will provide runway incursion warnings and a records information management system for airport first responders and hope to initiate integrated airport EMS incident response systems.

Scott Streicher, Operations Director for OPEN, the creators of SafetyPAD for Emergency Medical Services, which is already used by Fire and EMS teams at some of the worlds busiest airports, said “After speaking with airport operations directors and airport emergency responders, it was clear to us that there is an unmet need for solutions that solve ongoing challenges at airports resulting from increased operations by both aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface. With the INDMEX partnership, we will be able to fulfil that demand.”

The solution is hoped to boost security and accountability for airport personnel with vehicle and personnel tracking and can be deployed over a range of mobile devices.

Airport security providers, such as ARINC, offer technological solutions to integrated physical and advanced information security.  The use of biometrics and other applications can serve to enhance monitoring capabilities of all system and subsystem activity.

LOT Polish Airlines, long-term customer of ARINC Inc, has chosen GLOBALink ACARS data link program for the provision of essential communications for its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  LOT Polish Airlines is the first European operator of the Dreamliner, which heralds a new design of lighter passenger jets.

“We are delighted to support our valued customer LOT Polish Airlines as they bring new benefits to their passengers through the introduction of the 787 fleet,” said Alexis Hickox, Senior Director, Aviation Solutions, at ARINC EMEA. “We believe the cost saving benefits they have received from using GLOBALink ACARS in the past will prove equally compelling in the future.”

ARINC currently provide GLOBALink ACARS data link services for reliable messaging and the new contract will seamlessly integrate the 787 data link programme into ARINC’s data link management system and with LOT’s existing fleet.

“ARINC has been providing LOT with industry leading technology for over a decade,” notes Tomasz Balcerzak, Board Member for Operations and Maintenance at LOT Polish Airlines. “We are pleased with the entire portfolio of ARINC services and look forward to many future years of working together.”


data link communicationsThe much-talked-about and Rockwell Collins’ largest deal yet, the purchase of ARINC Inc for nearly $1.4 billion, will give them its fundamental data link communications connection to the FAA’s NextGen System.

ARINC is an industry-leading name in the field of aviation communications and this will increase Rockwell Collins’ immediate revenue potential by over 10%, with the commercial from 50% to 54% and next year’s military to 46%, which, it is said, is key for the company with declining military sales figures.

ARINC is most famously known as the pioneers of the ACARS messaging service and leads the way with their provision of air-ground digital VHF communications for airlines and business jets, flight support services, airport communications and the vMUSE platforms for passenger processing and the hugely successful self-check in operations.

Rockwell Collins hold more important ideas for the future with the increase in data link communications connectivity between cabins and flight decks with the ground, as the FAA’s NextGen plan will include the expansion of further data link communications; real-time weather information and re-routing plans and all-but replacing voice transmission.

“There is no doubt the digital information exchange will continue to expand at a rapid rate,” says Rockwell Collins CEO Kelly Ortberg, adding that the acquisition “substantially expands Rockwell Collins’ position in the growing aviation information-management space.”

The sale is expected to be finalized later this year, approximately 90 days after the acquisition announcement on August 11th.

Forty seven world leaders attended the meeting in Washington last month in a bid to discuss nuclear security improvements of global nuclear facilities.  In addition, the importance of the prevention of Nuclear Terrorism was a hot topic for discussion.

A target goal of four years was set by the meeting, convened by President Obama.  Although no binding commitments were made, many leaders outline steps they are prepared to take towards the advancement of nuclear security.

The U.S. feel that the first priority is to ensure that all nuclear facilities and materials on home ground are secure.

Measures will include the implementation of international treaties ad support for the UN Security Council.  All nuclear materials should remain secure and accounted for, with a consolidation aspect for peaceful purposes only.  Strong nuclear security practices need to be realised for the nuclear industry to remain secure while in operation in the private sector, for example, for nuclear fuel research projects and detection methods.

Physical nuclear security measures can be enforced within all sectors and several companies offer secure, reliable and efficient solutions, such as ARINC Inc, with their PSIM services and ARINC Advanced Information Management system (AIM).

The world leaders are taking firm steps into a safer and more peaceful future.

Germany’s Munich Airport has awarded the contract for their new baggage handling system in terminal 2 to Siemens, it was recently announced.

baggage handling systemThe airport plans to increase the capacity of their baggage handling system as they expect passenger numbers to rise significantly by 2015.  Once the new building is completed, it will enable a passenger throughflow of up to 11 million additional yearly passengers.

“In this way, our customers can ensure the same reliability and speed as before, despite the growing volume of traffic and stricter security requirements,” said Siemens Business Unit Logistics and Airport Solutions CEO Jorg Ernst.

The project will be launched in three phases over the next two years and is expected to enhance operational productivity for the airport by a third upon completion of the entire new project, making Munich Airport one of the most efficient in Europe.

Other Automated Baggage Handling System providers such as ARINC Inc realise that the global self-service check-in revolution is definitely the way forward.  Passenger experience is greatly enhanced, giving the passenger more control over their journey and reducing waiting times, while airports feel the benefit of improved efficiency, cost effectivity and better use of terminal space.