Ruag Aviation Complete First EASy II Upgrade for CPDLC Mandates

In light of the upcoming deadlines for CPDLC mandatory regulations, it is necessary for upgrades to be carried out to ensure compliance.

Ruag Aviation technicians have completed their first upgrade in a Falcon 900EX using Honeywell’s EASy II avionics suite.  The EASy flight deck, based upon the Primus Epic avionics system from Honeywell, includes SmartView synthetic vision system (SVS) with HUD symbology displayed on PDFs.

CPDLC, or Controller-Pilot-Data-Link Communications supplements voice communications between ATC and pilots, increasing air traffic management and safety aspects as routine tasks can be automated.  This will reduce the workload in the cockpit and further add to safety concerns with fewer errors or misinterpretation of radio messaging.

The use of CPDLC is mandatory already in specified airspace and is the future of aviation communication in the congested airways above Europe.

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