Lancaster County Public Safety Radio System – Phase I Testing Completed by ARINC

ARINC have successfully completed Phase 1 of the testing for a new P25 public safety radio system for Lancaster County, which will be a welcome replacement for the current 30-year old technology and bring mission-critical communications up-to-the-minute.

mission critical communicationsThe tests were passed with flying colours, with fire fighters and 911 dispatchers present for the background noise demonstration.  The demonstration was a sight to see, with a recreation of the likely noise levels that would occur in a real fire emergency – although it was noted that the noise levels far exceeded those of a ‘normal’ emergency situation.

The clarity of the radio system, which was tested with radios from four manufacturers and with Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and Personal Alert Safety System alarm with and without amplifiers was much improved, and the mission-critical communications could clearly be heard over the noise of two fire trucks, two smoke clearing fans and a chainsaw running at full throttle!

The $20 million contract was awarded to ARINC in August 2012 and the implementation of the system will significantly improve communications with emergency responders across Lancaster County and beyond, into surrounding counties where mutual aid is provided by multiple agencies.

“The sound quality of the ARINC systems is exceptional and will enable fire fighters and other first responders to avoid the breakdowns in communication that can hinder effectiveness,” said Michael Weaver, Lancaster County’s 911 Director. “We are extremely pleased with the ARINC system.”

ARINC Inc provides secure solutions for mission-critical communications across the world, offering peace of mind to public and government authorities, commercial and business aviation.

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