Amelia Earhart Flight Recreation Planned for Next Year

amelia earhartEveryone knows the name of Amelia Earhart, the famous aviation pioneer who was the first female pilot to make a solo flight across the Atlantic in 1932.

Her famed disappearance in 1937 as she approached Howland Island, during a round-the-world flight has remained the subject of much discussion and fascination over the years.

Her namesake, Denver traffic reporter, Amelia Rose Earhart is planning to recreate the flight next year in a Pilatus PC-12NG.  She has been a pilot since 2004 and expects her flight to last for 100 hours with 14 stops along the way.

Rose Earhart hopes her epic flight will motivate teenage girls to think about aviation careers.  Her ‘Fly with Amelia’ foundation, a non-profit organization based in Colorado provides flight scholarships for young women aged 16-18 and a range of opportunities for young people in aviation.

Amelia’s co-pilot will be Patrick Carter and the pair plan to set off in June next year.

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