ARINC vMUSE Enterprise at FTE Global Exhibition 2013

arinc vmuse enterpriseARINC are to highlight its latest range of innovations, including vMUSE Enterprise at the FTE Global 2013 exhibition this year.

vMUSE Enterprise will lead the way as the industry forerunners, ARINC set up its stand.  vMUSE Enterprise is the latest system technology for common-use passenger check-in for airports of any size.  The system can be launched in minutes, in the airport terminal or at off-site locations, such as car parks, hotel foyers or the car hire kiosk, using just a PC, laptop or mobile device, a standard internet connection and an off-the-shelf or existing printer facility.

Combining the reliability and secure features of ARINC’s MUSE platform with virtual technology gives vMUSE Enterprise greater speed and flexibility with reduced operating costs.

The vMUSE Enterprise innovation enables a connection with check-in agents to ARINC’s Global Processing Centre that in turn provides users with a virtual workstation.  This gives agents reliable and secure transmission, but without the hassle, with reduced operational costs and valuable terminal space.

ARINC will also showcase VeriPax in addition to vMUSE Enterprise; the passenger reconciliation system that aids passenger information transfer and enhances security.

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