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Southampton Airport Runway Run 2016 | Join Them in 2017Every year, the UK’s Southampton Airport hosts its annual runway race in aid of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight County Air Ambulance.

From 5am until 7am, the runway is closed to host the race, in which more than 500 runners are expected to take part this year, on Sunday 25th June.

Dave Lees, managing director at Southampton Airport is looking forward to welcoming the runners to his runway, ‘This year we are hoping to get even more people involved and even more money raised with the goal of hitting the £10,000 mark to celebrate the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance 10th Birthday. This is an incredibly worthwhile cause and we hope to see many people taking part, despite the early start!

Prizes will be up for grabs this year for the best dressed runner, and of course, the fastest.

To register for the event, which costs £20 to enter, with all proceeds going directly to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight County Air Ambulance, please visit the Southampton Airport website.

Automated Check-in Agreement | Rockwell Collins and Falcon AviationFalcon Aviation, based in the UAE at Al Bateen Executive Airport, delivers a range of services to clients throughout the Middle East, including charter of helicopters and private jets, aircraft maintenance and management services and flight support. It also provides an authorised service centre for Embraer and Airbus Helicopters, a warranty service centre for Gulfstream and is a founding board member of the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA).

The implementation of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC LocalCheckSM Local Departure Control System (L-DCS), improves the efficiency of check-in and boarding processes through automation of key processes, such as passenger processing, baggage tags and passenger reconciliation.

Captain Raman Oberoi, Falcon Aviation, said, ‘Over the years, Falcon Aviation has become synonymous with safety, quality and excellent customer service. We have built a reputation for delivering high-quality products and innovative services to our loyal customers, and Rockwell Collins’ airport solutions are helping us deliver on that promise.’

Paul Hickox, head of Airport Systems Sales at Rockwell Collins, said, ‘Rockwell Collins airport solutions are used throughout the world to help airports improve efficiency and enhance operations. This win is an excellent example of how we can tailor our solutions to meet the requirements of both large international airports as well as smaller regional airports and private business terminals.’

business aviation servicesThe British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA) addressed the issue of business aviation travel’s image as being just for the rich and famous at their annual conference in London last month.

It is a perception of the public that to fly on business jets is a privilege, when the industry as a whole would prefer it perceived as a ‘tool’ for businesses, removing some of the negativity associated with the industry sector.

Also addressing airports access, taxation and environmental impact, the conference worked towards improving public opinion, with the discussion of economic benefits and the fact that just 7% of traffic is represented by business aviation, with less than 1% of the emissions.

Countries with poor travel infrastructure, due to the nature of the environment, such as China, for example, could benefit from private air travel in the business sector, which would vastly improve economic growth in harder-to-reach areas, where smaller aircraft will find access simpler.

Stratajet to Expand Business to US | Business Aviation NewsStratajet, who claim they are the ‘world’s only instant online marketplace for private aircraft’, has taken to the U.S. in a bid to break into the American market.

Launched only last year, Stratajet now have more than 500 aircraft on their books in Europe, providing real-time flight pricing for consumers and cutting out the broker system.

Travelling in the company’s Piper Chieftain, Stratajet’s CEO, Jonny Nicol will call on charter operators and FBOs across the U.S. and will participate in the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers conference in Florida and the Regional Forum at the end of this month.

Nicol wants to spread the word about the service, which in its first booking, saved the customer 40% on the price of a traditional broker-based reservation.

Find out more about Qatar Executive | Business Aviation BlogQatar Executive, the business aviation division of Qatar Airways, has been presented with the Best Business Aviation Operator of the Year 2015 award by Aviation Business, the Middle Eastern industry publication.

The award was also achieved by Qatar Executive in 2012 and has been presented this year for significant growth in the sector, expansion into Asia and the improvement in its aircraft management services.

Qatar Executive was also recognised for the completion of a Hamad International Airport-based private jet terminal, scheduled to open next month.

Scott Ernest, CEO of Textron Aviation, who acquired Beechcraft earlier this year, told the WIBA gathering in Wichita last week that he was upbeat about the current state of the business.

“This is by far the best it’s felt in three years,” said Ernest, “I feel pretty good about how we’re progressing.” Continuing, he spoke about the merger of Beechcraft into the company and its Cessna business, “We’re pretty much done,” he said. “It’s amazing how quickly it’s been able to come together.”

He described how the merger of the businesses has not been difficult, citing one of the possibilities that many of the employees had worked at one or other of the companies at some point in their careers.

Mr Ernest is clearly proud of the company achievements and said, “It’s really a great opportunity to lead a company like this.” In particular, he noted that the Beechcraft acquisition gave Textron the special mission aircraft – King Air turboprops that can be utilised as air ambulance and surveillance aircraft both in the US and overseas.

Also discussed was the launch of the Scorpion tactical jet, which made an appearance at the Farnborough Airshow after a transatlantic flight earlier this year. The Scorpion is expected to be ordered by foreign countries first, with lower operating costs than those of its counterparts.

Other Airport Operations Management ProvidersIt has been announced that the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta International (ATL) has upgraded its airport management platform, bringing a range of new and advanced tools to airport operations.

An extended range display, the first of its kind, will provide a National Airspace System view of all flights which will enhance the airport’s capabilities for proactive air traffic management. Real-time flight cancellation notifications and reporting is set to improve management with greater visibility, allowing historical views.

Real-time vehicle tracking with portable Wi-Fi hotspots will enable vehicle operators to access a view of airport activity and the facility will additionally enable expanded vehicle data collection, improving efficiency through dispatch and communications support network.

The airport management system at ATL will assist the operators and ground personnel to streamline operations, increasing an already efficient system even further.

“Atlanta has continually seen a decrease in delays and improved overall operational performance since deploying Aerobahn in 2010,” said Paul Meyer, Airport Assistant General Manager for Operations. “These achievements are possible due to the airport-wide collaboration fostered by the airport community through the use of a common surface management system.”

In an ever-growing industry, airport management solutions can help airports of all sizes to achieve cost-cutting targets and improve operational productivity.

cabinconnectTechnicon Design, a worldwide provider of design innovation based in Paris, have designed an aircraft interior that promises an incredible passenger experience using the subtraction technique.

The interior of the aircraft is lined with screens, including the ceiling, giving a 360-degree view that can display soothing beach scenes for the nervous traveller, or even sky views that can lend the passenger to feel they are within an invisible aircraft.

The innovative, ground-breaking design was created for a National Business Aviation Association and gained an accolade when it won the exterior design category at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards.

For business use, the screens can be utilised for conferencing or for a more relaxed atmosphere, a new slant on in-flight entertainment is offered.

“I challenged the team to break out of conventional thinking with regards to a business jet exterior and interior,” said Gareth Davies, design director at Technicon Design’s studio near Paris. “We quickly settled on the controversial yet interesting idea of removing the windows from the cabin and using existing or very near future technology to display the exterior environment on flexible screens.”

Gulfstream Unveil New WebsiteGulfstream have unveiled a new look for their website,, this week, optimised for mobile and with new features, navigation and with an interactive experience for users, showing what their aircraft can do, rather than telling them about it. The new site has brought the leading aircraft manufacturer up-to-date, using the latest technology and advantages that interactive features can offer.

With virtual tours of all the Gulfstream current models, the new website offers a completely different experience, including high-quality photographs and interactive range maps. There are different cabin configuration views and aircraft refurbishment options and also a preowned inventory section.

“ provides a completely interactive experience for users. From aircraft information to product support search capabilities, the redesign is a true extension of our brand,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Gulfstream. “Gulfstream strives to create and deliver the world’s finest aviation experience and we know that means providing a multimedia experience that complements how we do business.”

Gulfstream say that the aim behind redevelopment was to engage their visitors; to encourage them to share information and the improved design gives greater capacity for this, with an inclusion of a support section that enables users to connect to Gulfstream’s product support network, service centres and search-by-aircraft model with a technical download feature. The company section includes access to Gulfstream history, community initiatives and careers.

“We want visitors to be more engaged, to stay longer, share their discoveries with others and connect with us more,” said Bill Shira, vice president, Brand Marketing, Gulfstream. “Whether you are searching for an aircraft, researching available safety features or looking for a job, no matter what the need, the website can provide the answer. This site is one of our primary faces to the world, and this redesign is a testament to our superior customer service.”

Take a look at the stunning new site here.

Other Providers of iPad Applications for the CockpitThe iPad Mini with retina display will soon become a feature on the flight deck after being issued with a letter of Operational Suitability by the FAA for use with Jeppesens’ electronic flight bag (EFB).

‘We are pleased with the findings of the FAA evaluation team confirming the use of iPad mini and Jeppesen mobile EFB solutions,’ said Tim Huegel, director of Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management, ‘iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display offer pilots the incredible detail and ease of use they need when leveraging our valuable data-driven apps and flight information in the cockpit’.

U.S. operators and air carriers must gain formal FAA authorisation for the use of electronic flight bag applications on the flight deck and Jeppesen will issue copies of the letter to those customers that express an interest in the use of the iPad Mini for specific use in their authorisation application.

Other providers of EFB solutions include ARINC Direct, recently acquired by avionics giant, Rockwell Collins. EFB solutions, such as iPad pilot apps, can minimise weight in the cockpit and bring a significant reduction of the pilot’s workload, offering sharing capabilities for flight information, changes to the flight plan and real-time weather updates, graphics and maps.

The advent of the iPad and now the iPad Mini on the flight deck moves the industry another step closer to the sought-after paperless cockpit.