Textron Aviation CEO ‘Upbeat’ About Business

Scott Ernest, CEO of Textron Aviation, who acquired Beechcraft earlier this year, told the WIBA gathering in Wichita last week that he was upbeat about the current state of the business.

“This is by far the best it’s felt in three years,” said Ernest, “I feel pretty good about how we’re progressing.” Continuing, he spoke about the merger of Beechcraft into the company and its Cessna business, “We’re pretty much done,” he said. “It’s amazing how quickly it’s been able to come together.”

He described how the merger of the businesses has not been difficult, citing one of the possibilities that many of the employees had worked at one or other of the companies at some point in their careers.

Mr Ernest is clearly proud of the company achievements and said, “It’s really a great opportunity to lead a company like this.” In particular, he noted that the Beechcraft acquisition gave Textron the special mission aircraft – King Air turboprops that can be utilised as air ambulance and surveillance aircraft both in the US and overseas.

Also discussed was the launch of the Scorpion tactical jet, which made an appearance at the Farnborough Airshow after a transatlantic flight earlier this year. The Scorpion is expected to be ordered by foreign countries first, with lower operating costs than those of its counterparts.

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