In-flight Connectivity Reseller Deal for Inmarsat and Rockwell Collins

The Face of In-Flight Connectivity to Change with Rockwell Collins & InmarsatIt has been announced that Inmarsat, British global satellite communications providers and aviation giant Rockwell Collins have signed a deal that could change the face of in-flight connectivity, as Rockwell Collins will be a value added reseller for the commercial air transport market sector.

GX Aviation is the latest generation of Inmarsat services and will provide connection speeds of up to 50Mbps on a global scale. Scheduled for release to the commercial air transport sector in the first half of 2015, GX Aviation will offer airlines the opportunity to deliver value added services to passengers that promises connectivity such as that found on the ground.

“By combining GX with our current L-Band services, we’ll also be able to provide our airline customers with a complete portfolio of connectivity options for a full range of applications from the cockpit to the cabin,” Jeff Standerski, Rockwell Collins’ senior vice president of information management services said, adding that new possibilities could be brought for their ARINC Cabin Connect suite.

GX Aviation will enable faster speeds and expandable bandwidth for in-flight entertainment, including real-time TV and video, web browsing and to accommodate future devices and applications.

The deal is a key building block for Inmarsat in their mission to deliver high-speed connectivity for passengers and for the flight deck.

Inmarsat president of aviation, Leo Mondale said, “Rockwell Collins is a key partner for the full portfolio of existing Inmarsat Aviation services, and will be one of the first to bring the new, exciting GX Aviation service to its large airline customer base. We have built the very best team of aviation companies to ensure airlines have excellent access to GX Aviation. Our Ka-band solution enables us to meet the rapidly growing demand for passenger connectivity”

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