Yasava Solutions & MCM Design Studio Take Jet Cabin Design into the Future

Yasava and MCM Design have taken the business jet cabin into the future with its ‘intelligent ergonomics and socio-cultural design’ showing dramatic interior proposals for large-cabin business jets.

The incredible design from the joint venture of Yasava Solutions and MCM Design Studio, both based in Switzerland, features separated the business jet cabin zones with louvers that can create privacy barriers, or when open, a spacious interior.

The three zones include a staff cabin, main cabin and a lounge area with sofa-type seat that converts into a double bed.  There is also a full galley kitchen and a bathroom with a stand-up shower.

The designers offer a fully customisable business jet cabin interior with individual seat control units for the electrically articulated Aiana seats.

Milena Cvijanovich, creative director of MCM Design Studio, said, “Clients now expect their space to conform to their lifestyle and not the other way around.”

The beautiful cabin interior clearly shows the comforts that business jet owners can expect from executive travel in the future.

business jet cabin

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