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cabinconnectTechnicon Design, a worldwide provider of design innovation based in Paris, have designed an aircraft interior that promises an incredible passenger experience using the subtraction technique.

The interior of the aircraft is lined with screens, including the ceiling, giving a 360-degree view that can display soothing beach scenes for the nervous traveller, or even sky views that can lend the passenger to feel they are within an invisible aircraft.

The innovative, ground-breaking design was created for a National Business Aviation Association and gained an accolade when it won the exterior design category at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards.

For business use, the screens can be utilised for conferencing or for a more relaxed atmosphere, a new slant on in-flight entertainment is offered.

“I challenged the team to break out of conventional thinking with regards to a business jet exterior and interior,” said Gareth Davies, design director at Technicon Design’s studio near Paris. “We quickly settled on the controversial yet interesting idea of removing the windows from the cabin and using existing or very near future technology to display the exterior environment on flexible screens.”

The Cessna Aircraft Company, owned by Textron Inc is celebrating today after the first deliveries and FAA type certification of the Citation M2 jet is achieved. Announced in September 2011 and the prototype first flown in March 2012, the development and certification process has involved over 150,000 hours in addition to almost 1,000 test flight hours over 360,00 nautical miles.

Cessna’s senior vice-president of business jets, Mr Brad Thress said, “Cessna is once more redefining the light jet segment with the Citation M2. We’re proud to get the M2 into the marketplace and see the aircraft begin to set the standard for the next generation of business aviation.”

Cessna M2 Business JetThe beautiful jet is certified for single-pilot operation and has a flight capacity of 1,300 nautical miles at a cruise speed of 460 miles per hour. With an operational ability to work on short runways and able to climb to 41,000 ft in 24 minutes, the Citation M2 is flexible and efficient, featuring two Williams FJ44 engines.

“The Citation M2 is a versatile aircraft that fits many markets and missions, attracting owner-operators looking for an advanced, innovative aircraft of this size, capability, and value. Our launch customer, Stuart Woods, represents this type of customer: owners moving up from their Citation Mustang. Further, many new M2 owners are upgrading from a turboprop, while still others are moving laterally to a newer, same-size business jet. With its single-pilot certification, the Citation M2 has room for six passengers and is faster than many comparable aircraft, making it a strong performer in this segment,” continued Mr Thress.

The Citation M2 certainly has style and this continues into the cockpit and the roomy cabin, with Garmin 3000 avionics, high-resolution displays and touch-screen interactivity.

The six-passenger capacity cabin has eight large windows and adjustable seats and provides an aisle height of 57 inches.

Yasava and MCM Design have taken the business jet cabin into the future with its ‘intelligent ergonomics and socio-cultural design’ showing dramatic interior proposals for large-cabin business jets.

The incredible design from the joint venture of Yasava Solutions and MCM Design Studio, both based in Switzerland, features separated the business jet cabin zones with louvers that can create privacy barriers, or when open, a spacious interior.

The three zones include a staff cabin, main cabin and a lounge area with sofa-type seat that converts into a double bed.  There is also a full galley kitchen and a bathroom with a stand-up shower.

The designers offer a fully customisable business jet cabin interior with individual seat control units for the electrically articulated Aiana seats.

Milena Cvijanovich, creative director of MCM Design Studio, said, “Clients now expect their space to conform to their lifestyle and not the other way around.”

The beautiful cabin interior clearly shows the comforts that business jet owners can expect from executive travel in the future.

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