Nuclear Security Meeting of World Leaders

Forty seven world leaders attended the meeting in Washington last month in a bid to discuss nuclear security improvements of global nuclear facilities.  In addition, the importance of the prevention of Nuclear Terrorism was a hot topic for discussion.

A target goal of four years was set by the meeting, convened by President Obama.  Although no binding commitments were made, many leaders outline steps they are prepared to take towards the advancement of nuclear security.

The U.S. feel that the first priority is to ensure that all nuclear facilities and materials on home ground are secure.

Measures will include the implementation of international treaties ad support for the UN Security Council.  All nuclear materials should remain secure and accounted for, with a consolidation aspect for peaceful purposes only.  Strong nuclear security practices need to be realised for the nuclear industry to remain secure while in operation in the private sector, for example, for nuclear fuel research projects and detection methods.

Physical nuclear security measures can be enforced within all sectors and several companies offer secure, reliable and efficient solutions, such as ARINC Inc, with their PSIM services and ARINC Advanced Information Management system (AIM).

The world leaders are taking firm steps into a safer and more peaceful future.

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