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Increasing Airport Security | Business Aviation BlogThe US Senate has begun to approve airport security measures, following discussions last Thursday.

The measures look to include an advanced system to screen airport personnel in the ‘Thune-Nelson anti-terrorism package’. Interestingly, it looks as though there will be a program for the donation of security equipment that is not needed, or surplus to requirements, to foreign airports that conduct direct flights to the US.

Over the past few years, there has been instances of security breaches by airport personnel, and the ramping up of security screening for airport workers will be a welcome addition to requirements. Also, there may be a significant increase in the presence of airport security teams, and an additional layer of security for aircraft cockpit entry.

Providers of security access and screening control systems, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AIM, who deliver solutions for airports and other critical facilities, welcome the decision, as the technology already exists to enhance airport security across the globe.

Discussions are yet to continue, with other subjects, such as the transportation of prisoners, and taxation titles still on the table.

ARINC AIM Platform for Enhanced Infrastructure SecurityRockwell Collins has announced the release of an upgrade to its ARINC AIM user interface which incorporates state-of-the-art technology to deliver an improved experience for users.

The upgrade delivers intuitive workflows, configurable desktop themes, customisable workspace layouts, in-built graphical display editor and improvements to the user feedback mechanism.

Built using Agile software development methodology, the new interface will provide users of ARINC AIM with enhanced flexibility that can more effectively help them manage unexpected changes to critical infrastructure security.

With real-time situational awareness, ARINC AIM’s platform is commonly utilised in nuclear power facilities to monitor security, access and command and control.

Aviation Information Management Solutions ProvidersAs we near the implementation of phase three of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR), EUROCONTROL announce that they will be using MEGA’s software solutions to help describe the repository and conduct SESAR information management.

SESAR is a fundamental part of the program that will aim to supply and manage the modernisation of air traffic control over Europe in the Single European Sky initiative. Over the next thirty years, aviation management will be harmonised and unified and will include a unique air traffic control for both civil and military aviation.

Information management allows for sharing resources and information, including security data, research and collaborative decision making. MEGA are proud to see ‘our solutions used in transformation projects that will bring everyday benefits to so many people.’

Airport Perimeter Security Solutions ProvidersTwo separate incidents of an airport perimeter security breach on Christmas Day have highlighted the importance of effective surveillance – industry-wide.

Each incident happened at different airports – one at Newark International, where a man breached the airport perimeter security fence and remained undetected as he crossed two runways to reach a terminal before being spotted by an airline employee.

The second incident occurred at Phoenix Sky Harbor International later that day. The man scaled a nine-foot high fence and ran onto the tarmac waving his arms at a plane before being captured by airport security.

Although both airports had airport perimeter security surveillance, neither detected signs of the trespassers.

Questions have now been raised, especially as the Transport Security Administration has no mandate in place for the requirement of full-time surveillance of airport perimeter security fences.

This appears not to be an isolated problem. There is an industry-wide call for greater importance to be addressed for airport perimeter security.

Advanced & Comprehensive Airports Security

As air travel grows significantly every year, so airports security becomes a bigger issue across the world.

Gulf States are making hearty investments into airport security for the entire network, encompassing physical perimeter security, security personnel and advanced camera technology in addition to information management and security.

Governments and aviation enforcement authorities are placing strict security requirements and measures to counter potential risks, threats and hazards before they occur, while keeping passenger inconvenience to a minimum.  A tall order in today’s busy airports.

Aviation and airports security companies have a huge responsibility to ensure flight safety, passenger and crew safety and the ability to anticipate threats before they happen.  This sector is big business, with an estimated global aviation security market value of $22 billion, but with Gulf passengers expected to total 450 million by 2020, it has never been more of a necessity to keep those passengers safe and moving on the ground and in the air.

Advance_Information_ManagementInformation management for aircraft involves the installation of avionics units and it has recently been announced that Boeing have awarded a contract to Teledyne to provide, develop and supply data acquisition systems for the next-generation 737 and 737 MAX.  The company have also been contracted to supply a new information management system for the 777, Next-gen 737, 737 MAX and the 747-8 production aircraft.

Information management systems are designed to improve flight safety and efficiency with a focus upon maintenance issues.

Information management is equally important on the ground and in the airport facility.  Flexible and scalable solutions are integral to enhanced ground security, both for physical security and advanced information management.

ARINC AIM provides comprehensive information management solutions designed and implemented to create an integrated control platform to enhance key infrastructure and mission critical messaging.

With individually tailored solutions for single and multi-use facilities, all aspects of security and information management can be encompassed, from intrusion detection and biometric control to data security and credential management.

In a move towards the NextGen Airport Operations System initiative, Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central has awarded the contract for a comprehensive airport information infrastructure system to Dubai Technology Partners LLC and UFIS Airport Solutions.

The critical solution will help in the interim during the work involved in the implementation of the NextGen initiative and will reinforce the airport information infrastructure for Dubai Airports.

The first passenger terminal, due to open in October of this year, will have the capacity for over 5 million passengers annually, with that figure expected to rise to 160 million passengers per year upon its completion within the next 10 years.

The contract includes implementation of Flight Information Processing System, Resource Management System, Airport Operational Database and Flight Information Display System.

Integrated airport information infrastructure encompasses flight information and passenger data through to perimeter security solutions and vehicle identification.  Industry leading providers of advanced information management, such as ARINC, offer a complete suite of solutions for airport information infrastructure with its innovative ARINC AIM.

ARINC AIM gives facilities across the world cost-efficient solution for access management, physical security and airport information infrastructure management.

airport security Indmex Aviation and OPEN Inc have collaborated to offer an integrated solution for airport situational awareness and incident response, it has been announced today.

The companies will provide runway incursion warnings and a records information management system for airport first responders and hope to initiate integrated airport EMS incident response systems.

Scott Streicher, Operations Director for OPEN, the creators of SafetyPAD for Emergency Medical Services, which is already used by Fire and EMS teams at some of the worlds busiest airports, said “After speaking with airport operations directors and airport emergency responders, it was clear to us that there is an unmet need for solutions that solve ongoing challenges at airports resulting from increased operations by both aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface. With the INDMEX partnership, we will be able to fulfil that demand.”

The solution is hoped to boost security and accountability for airport personnel with vehicle and personnel tracking and can be deployed over a range of mobile devices.

Airport security providers, such as ARINC, offer technological solutions to integrated physical and advanced information security.  The use of biometrics and other applications can serve to enhance monitoring capabilities of all system and subsystem activity.

Forty seven world leaders attended the meeting in Washington last month in a bid to discuss nuclear security improvements of global nuclear facilities.  In addition, the importance of the prevention of Nuclear Terrorism was a hot topic for discussion.

A target goal of four years was set by the meeting, convened by President Obama.  Although no binding commitments were made, many leaders outline steps they are prepared to take towards the advancement of nuclear security.

The U.S. feel that the first priority is to ensure that all nuclear facilities and materials on home ground are secure.

Measures will include the implementation of international treaties ad support for the UN Security Council.  All nuclear materials should remain secure and accounted for, with a consolidation aspect for peaceful purposes only.  Strong nuclear security practices need to be realised for the nuclear industry to remain secure while in operation in the private sector, for example, for nuclear fuel research projects and detection methods.

Physical nuclear security measures can be enforced within all sectors and several companies offer secure, reliable and efficient solutions, such as ARINC Inc, with their PSIM services and ARINC Advanced Information Management system (AIM).

The world leaders are taking firm steps into a safer and more peaceful future.

Virginia-based VIDSys, PSIM providers have announced that they have raised $15.6 in equity financing led by NewSpring Capital, with participation from previous investors, Motorola Solutions, Flybridge Capital, JVax Investment Group and Atlanta Equity.

Although it is unclear exactly how the PSIM providers will do with the new capital, a statement issued by VIDSys said, “VidSys will use these funds to help grow and scale the company on a global basis beyond our existing footprint. … We will also invest in further development of our core software … for our public sector and enterprise clients.”

Other PSIM providers are also doing well globally.  ARINC PSIM solution has become available across the world after its respected debut in the US, where they provide more than 50% of North America’s nuclear power plants with system security.

ARINC Advanced Information Management (AIM) also provides command, control and access for secure government facilities, seaports, airports and military installations where real-time situational awareness is essential for personnel, passengers and facility safety and security.