Boeing Awards Information Management Contract

Advance_Information_ManagementInformation management for aircraft involves the installation of avionics units and it has recently been announced that Boeing have awarded a contract to Teledyne to provide, develop and supply data acquisition systems for the next-generation 737 and 737 MAX.  The company have also been contracted to supply a new information management system for the 777, Next-gen 737, 737 MAX and the 747-8 production aircraft.

Information management systems are designed to improve flight safety and efficiency with a focus upon maintenance issues.

Information management is equally important on the ground and in the airport facility.  Flexible and scalable solutions are integral to enhanced ground security, both for physical security and advanced information management.

ARINC AIM provides comprehensive information management solutions designed and implemented to create an integrated control platform to enhance key infrastructure and mission critical messaging.

With individually tailored solutions for single and multi-use facilities, all aspects of security and information management can be encompassed, from intrusion detection and biometric control to data security and credential management.

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