Munich Airport Baggage Handling System Contract Awarded to Siemens

Germany’s Munich Airport has awarded the contract for their new baggage handling system in terminal 2 to Siemens, it was recently announced.

baggage handling systemThe airport plans to increase the capacity of their baggage handling system as they expect passenger numbers to rise significantly by 2015.  Once the new building is completed, it will enable a passenger throughflow of up to 11 million additional yearly passengers.

“In this way, our customers can ensure the same reliability and speed as before, despite the growing volume of traffic and stricter security requirements,” said Siemens Business Unit Logistics and Airport Solutions CEO Jorg Ernst.

The project will be launched in three phases over the next two years and is expected to enhance operational productivity for the airport by a third upon completion of the entire new project, making Munich Airport one of the most efficient in Europe.

Other Automated Baggage Handling System providers such as ARINC Inc realise that the global self-service check-in revolution is definitely the way forward.  Passenger experience is greatly enhanced, giving the passenger more control over their journey and reducing waiting times, while airports feel the benefit of improved efficiency, cost effectivity and better use of terminal space.

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