Japanese Airports to Implement ARINC vMUSE Solutions

Naha Airport vMUSEAs the passenger pool at Okinawa and Kagoshima airports grows, the decision to implement ARINC’s vMUSE, common bag drop and check-in solutions will help to streamline airport operations.

Mr Michael DiGeorge, MD of ARINC Asia Pacific said, “Airports in the region are demanding a common-use solution that is scalable with their operations and allows them to take advantage of all the benefits afforded at larger sites while meeting budget requirements.  As the industry’s leading innovator, ARINC is providing this solution and remains committed to meeting the needs of airports of all sizes, as passenger traffic continues to grow and airlines increase the number of destinations to meet passenger demand.”

The innovative vMUSE solutions from ARINC will reduce costs by sharing airport resources with offsite servers than can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using any device.

Previous passenger processing systems revMusequire multiple check-in facilities that are airline specific.  The vMUSE platform allows the sharing of passenger information across multiple airlines from one desk, ensuring increased flexibility in airports with limited floor space.

The common bag drop solutions offer self-service check-in that can enhance passenger experience, increase operation productivity and, in essence revenue for the airports.

Photo credit: Hyougushi / Foter / CC BY-SA

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