LA Students Get a Taste of Air Traffic Control

As a part of a drive to encourage more young people to move into the field of aviation as a career, Los Angeles World Airports have sponsored a free, weeklong Aviation Careers Academy.

lax teensLocal High School students were able to use a Federal Aviation Administration simulator and direct air traffic as though they were standing in a control tower.

Each day, the students have been on field trips to aviation-based employers, such as the FAA, the Transportation Security Administration and Southwest Airlines in addition to the simulator, in order for them to take a glimpse behind-the-scenes and experience the atmosphere of the aviation workplace.

It is hoped that the Aviation Careers Academy, available to high-school and middle school students, will demonstrate to them that there are a wide range of job opportunities in aviation in addition to pilot or cabin attendant.  The future airport police, flight dispatcher, air traffic controller or engineer may be among them, but many young people are not aware that these jobs even exist.

World-wide, there is growing concern amongst the aviation community that in the future there will be a shortage of personnel.  Now is the time to get young people interested in a career in aviation.  Jobs in aviation are rarely minimum-wage and require further training beyond high school.  It is important that young people are made aware of the opportunities and are able to realise what is required in the industry.

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