Focus on: latest version of ARINC’s renowned vMUSE®

Virtual Airport Common Use Systems vMUSE Enterprise, the latest version of ARINC’s well-known MUSE® (Multi-User System Environment is a common use platform that offers an advanced virtual technology,  providing all in one multi-airline check-in without having to connect to on-site servers or platform software – using the private cloud of ARINC.

The benefits of vMUSE Enterprise, which has the capabilities as full-size server-based terminal, are that airlines and airports can enjoy power savings, space savings and reduced up-front capital costs. It also reduces operational and maintenance costs. Key components of vMUSE Enterprise are safely stored in the cloud so it can be quickly set up in any environment where power and the internet are available. Ideal for small and seasonal airports, airport parking terminals, rental car facilities, transit stations, and overflow use. This “pay-as-you-go” service reduces expenditure, minimises overheads with immediate access.

Existing PC’s can be converted to vMUSE Enterprise physical clients, and those who opt to replace traditional PCs with thin client workstations can realise further cost savings. With no moving parts, support costs are lower and the power consumption of thin client devices is considerably less than that of a PC.

To find out additional information view the website:

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