ARINC vMUSE at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

ARINC vMUSE Airport Common Use Systems

ARINC vMUSE Airport Common Use Systems


This week we wanted to look at the ARINC vMUSE product. We heard in January that ARINC won a contract with Bradenburg contract in Berlin to supply and install the passenger check-in and departure systems for 31 airlines and handling agents, with capacity for 27 million passengers each year, with room for further expansion.
ARINC will install its common use passenger processing system (CUPPS) – vMUSE ¬– as well as its BagLink baggage information distribution system. vMUSE includes self-service kiosks and baggage drops.
54 workstations have already been implemented on a live test environment, the hardware installation is expected to be completed in February, and at full operation ARINC will have rolled out vMUSE on 153 workstations for check-in and back office desks, and on 188 boarding gate workstations.
ARINC have also installed its AviNet Airport service at the gateway, allowing for airlines to connect to the host systems immediately.
vMUSE Enterprise, the latest version of ARINC’s well-known MUSE® (Multi-User System Environment) common use platform, combines the security and reliability of vMUSE with advanced virtualisation technology to provide seamless, multi-airline check-in without having to install and manage on-site servers and platform software. This puts the power of common use systems within reach of airports and airlines whose passenger volumes may be too small to justify the investment in traditional CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) infrastructure.

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