Operational & Passenger Processing Tech Selected by Charlotte Douglas International

Streamlining Passegner Processing with Technology & SolutionsNorth Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) has selected a new platform to help streamline passenger processing, operational messaging and business systems as a part of their 2015 upgrade program, which will also include improvements to car parking and to the airport entrance and terminal expansion of more than 30,000 square feet.

Award-winning CLT aim to be the preferred airport and hub for airlines in the region and pride themselves on enhanced passenger experience. The new system will allow them to implement common-use technological solutions in a way that will increase operational flexibility throughout the airport environment, improving passenger experience and reducing costs.

CLT have selected AirIT’s Extended Airline System Environment (EASE) as their preferred platform, which is designed to be scalable to their requirements as they continue with their expansion program and increase passenger flow.

As worldwide airline traffic continues to increase, international airports need to create a virtualisation of operations in order to maintain efficiency throughout the entire passenger processing and ticketing environment. Ground delays result in higher expenditure and as queues increase and waiting times lengthen, passenger satisfaction is reduced.

The implementation of high-performance networks for airlines and airport operators is a growing necessity for international airports to ensure seamless access to airline Departure Control Systems. Using a common-use solution, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviNet Airport, allows for cost-sharing and terminal space-saving benefits.

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