Concerns Raised Over Psychological Evaluations of Pilots Following Germanwings Tragedy Unfolds

Germanwings Airlines Aviation expert, Norman Shanks, has voiced his concerns about airline testing and psychological evaluations of pilots following the tragic events of the Germanwings crash, as details emerge about the state of mind of the co-pilot.

Mr Shanks says that it is difficult for airlines to determine the psychological state of an individual pilot. A psychological profile of a person can change and can be influenced by events in one’s life. As pilots are placed to work with different colleagues on a regular basis, it is difficult to create a team-building aspect, where a colleague might be able to point out differences in a demeanour or attitude.

Germanwings’ parent company, Lufthansa, are discussing the possibility of changing their flying rules and ensuring that two members of flight crew are on the flight deck at all times.

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