New Passenger Communications Offering from Gogo

Other Business Aviation Passenger Communications Solutions ProvidersGogo, business aircraft communications provider, announced the launch of a new service at the AEA International Convention & Trade Show this week. The ATG 1000 is a new system for connectivity that is aimed at the light private aircraft market, offering passengers the chance to use their own personal smartphones inflight for calls and texts.

Additional services such as web browsing, can be added using a software key, offering complete flexibility for operators wishing to provide basic services.

This new offering from Gogo joins the passenger communications revolution sweeping the industry as traveller demand increases for affordable, yet fast connection speeds.

Business jet owners and operators are seeking solutions for inflight communications on all levels from the cabin to the cockpit to enable streamlined operations.

Other inflight connectivity providers, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect, offer passenger communications with high-speed broadband to give larger operators and charter companies the capability of an office-in-the-sky, almost a prerequisite in the modern cabin.

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