Baggage Handling Contract Awarded for Warsaw Chopin International

Logan Teleflex France has been awarded a contract for the deployment of a new baggage handling system in Warsaw Chopin International Airport.

Superior Baggage Handling System ProvidersIncluding the next generation M700RF Tilt Tray Sorter, the 7.5 million Euro baggage handling system is a part of a development programme for the airport that it expected to be operational by 2015. The baggage handling system will work in conjunction with an adjacent sorter in the Terminal A complex at the airport and should be up and running by summer 2014.

Warsaw Chopin International will benefit from streamlined operations within the baggage handling system in addition to SCADA/PLC controls and the use of a Logan Sort Allocation Computer System.

The fully automated system includes an electric tip action, controlled by a radio signalling system, and will feature handling equipment with conveyors, pushers and ploughs using Logan and Daifuku technology.

An additional 29 destinations can be handled from the 48 check-in desks using the new system.

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