Aviation City Plans for Taiwan ~ Huge Project with Smart Airport Applications

Exciting Airport Applications Through TechnologyAn industry group has been founded to bring together resources and services for the planned Taoyuan aviation city project with an expected completion date of 2030.

The enormous project will be funded in a collaborative move by the government and the private sector, who expect to invest $16.7 million, making this the largest investment with the highest expectation in recent years, according to Premier Jiang Yi-huah.

The group, The Taiwan Intelligent Aerotropolis Association (TIAA) was founded last week at an official ceremony.  The President, Lee Yen-sung, who is also chairman of Chunghwa Telecom Co. said, “The association is aiming to build a national gateway with smart technologies.”

The TIAA has five groups who will focus upon technology applications, smart airport applications, regulations, information, communications technology infrastructure and promotion and must provide the government with a report next year, then a proposal within two years on the competition, cooperation and ultimately, the development of the aviation city.

Chunghwa Telecom plans build a cloud-computing centre with numerous 4G base stations.

The project is estimated to be capable of generating more than 300,000 jobs upon completion and economic benefits could top almost $67 billion for surrounding areas.

Interest is understandably high in the project, and the TIAA now has over 70 members from 21 members in October.

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