South Korean Jeju International Airport to Implement ARINC vMUSE

ARINC vMUSEJeju International Airport has followed South Korea’s other major airports in its choice to use ARINC’s vMUSE technology to improve and optimize operations as the number of passengers grows each year.

The industry-leading provider develops and delivers innovative aviation solutions that can assist airports and airlines with cost management and increasing operational flexibility with vMUSE common-use technology.

Jeju International Airport will benefit from maximized use of facility space with the vMUSE platform and will be able to access off-site servers with any device, which will in turn reduce the necessity for hardware and support requirements.

This new contract will mean that ARINC now provides its vMUSE technology for all South Korea’s International airports, allowing for interoperability and connectivity between the airports and the airlines that operate from them.  This will lead to further operational cost reductions with the allowance for host sharing between the airports.

“Our biggest problem currently is a lack of check-in counters to accommodate the number of airlines that fly through the airport. ARINC’s vMUSE will enable carriers to directly log into their Departure Control System at any counter over any device. The sharing of counter facilities will improve terminal operations, and allow both airlines and airports to welcome more airlines and passengers,” said a representative of the Airlines Operators Committee of Jeju (AOC-CJU).

ARINC are delighted to be working with Jeju and AOC-CJU.  Mr Michael DiGeorge, ARINC MD of Asia Pacific said, “South Korea is one of our strongest and most important markets in the Asia Pacific region. Being a trusted partner to all the major international airports in the country is indeed a rare honour and re-affirms our reputation as a leader in the aviation industry.”

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