Head of ARINC Pledges Largest Ever Donation to Annapolis Medical Centre

John Belcher, Head of Aerospace Technology Company, ARINC, and his wife Cathy, have pledged the largest bequest ever to the Anne Arundel Medical Center, Annapolis.

The couple will give the first $1 million to the hospital, where Mr Belcher is a member of the board of trustees, over the next few years.  The hospital plans to rename the Health Science Pavillion after the couple in honor of their generous gift.  The remainder of the bequest has been written into the couple’s estate and will be donated upon liquidation after their deaths.  It is believed that the donation could be in excess of $10 million, depending upon the value of the estate at that time.

The hospital will also found ‘The John & Cathy Belcher Society’, which will recognise people who bequeath gifts of $100,000 or more in the future.

Mr Belcher chaired the hospitals Care Like No other campaign, which funded the Health Sciences Pavillion.  He joined ARINC in 1997, was appointed CEO in 2002 and also named Chairman in 2004.  With over 30 years of aviation, IT and the defense industries experience, Mr Belcher was more than qualified to head the industry-leading aviation communication company.

ARINC Inc were the founders of ACARS messaging and provide innovative solutions to the needs of commercial and business aircraft.  They furnish the industry with messaging solutions for aircraft and airport operations, continuing with the respected reputation they have gained over the past eight decades.

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