Charlotte Airport New Director Wants ‘No Disruption’

Following the recent dramas at North Carolina’s Charlotte Airport, the new interim director, Brent Cagle want the focus of operations to be ‘no disruption.’

While legal issues are resolved, City Leader, Ron Carlee has said that they would never consider any other person to run the airport after the removal of the previous director, Jerry Orr.

Mr Cagle has told airport employees to focus upon their individual jobs to ensure business as usual at the busy airport and not to become embroiled in the public battle over control between city and state leaders.

Cagle said, “Our priority during this time of transition is to focus on no disruption and maintaining business as usual at CLT.”

Since the start of the wrangle, the North Carolina General Assembly issued a law to create a new Airport Authority that would, in effect, take over the airport from Charlotte City.  Within minutes, the City’s attorneys were asking a judge to stop the law in its tracks.

This has resulted in the City, State and the new Airport Authority having to prepare to ‘do battle’ in the courts to decide who will take control of the airport operations.

In the meantime, Mr Cagle is determined to ensure that airport operations run as smoothly as possible, with a focus upon the stability of the airport during the legal and political turmoil.

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