British Airways Step into the Future of Self-Service Check-in with Electronic Bag Tag Trial

Self-Service Check-in eBag Tag

Frequent travellers, flying with British Airways, could soon be taking another step into the future of self-service check-in with the airline to trial an innovation in baggage tagging – the electronic bag tag.

The new tag will easily be updated using Smartphone and barcode technology, enabling passengers to simply scan their baggage at the self-service check-in bag drop point and move quickly through security to relax before departure, knowing that their luggage is fully trackable.

The bag tags, developed for the trial by Designworks, could eliminate the need for paper tagging, especially for frequent travellers, who could have their own, personalised baggage tag.  Designworks lead designer for the project, Lewis Freeman said, “This step into digital tagging of luggage is a huge leap forward enabling your luggage to become a connected object, providing a seamless experience for frequent travellers with British Airways.”

Self-service check-in is fast growing, using innovative, advanced technology and solutions, such as the ARINC vMUSE platform, used around the world.


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