Canada’s First Common-Use Passenger Processing System Implemented

Ultra Electronics, Airport Systems this month announced it has completed implementation of Canada’s first Common-Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) at St. John’s International Airport, Canada.

Common-Use Passenger Processing System

Common-Use Passenger Processing System

The deployment of a fully virtualized client/server solution will provide a variety of efficiencies and advantages including lower energy costs, improved maintenance and less dependency on traditional PC’s.St. John’s International Airport is experiencing rapid growth as passenger traffic has doubled since the airport was privatized in 1998; a rate that is double the national average in Canada.

Common-Use Passenger Processing Systems are offered by a range of suppliers. ARINC, one such supplier, says “the cost savings of running multiple workstation operating systems on servers in the cloud versus traditional, on-site servers range between 50% and 70%”.

The ARINC product, vMUSE, is said to allow users to realize space savings, power savings, and reduced up-front capital costs as well as lower operation and maintenance costs due to the near elimination of on-site infrastructure. Despite the savings in cost, vMUSE Enterprise delivers the same common-use capabilities as full-size, server-based terminal installations of CUTE systems.

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