New Aircraft Financing Scheme for Business Aviation

Aircraft Financing Scheme LaunchUS-based Global Jet Capital (GJC) is a recently-launched leasing and lending company, initially funded with a $2 billion investment fund from AE Industrial Partners, GSO Capital and The Carlyle Group.

The company is now targeting an aircraft market, offering financing for business jets with a price tag of $30 million and upwards. A range of options will be available, including mortgage, finance leases, progress payments and mezzanine finance, which combines debt and equity.

Launched at the ABACE exhibition, GJC are aiming their financing options outside the US, where it expects the greatest uptake to be located. The company has noticed a surge in demand for this type of financing over the past three years, since banks and traditional finance companies have begun to shy away from jet financing.

Transactions are already being discussed for Gulfstream, Boeing and Bombardier aircraft.

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