Air Industry Saves $18 Billion with Improvements to Baggage Handling Systems

Baggage Handling Systems Technology Saves Airline Industry BillionsA recent report from SITA has highlighted that the rate of baggage mishandling has reduced by more than 60% on a global scale in the last eight years saving the sector an estimated $18 billion since 2007.

The sharp decline in mishandling is in spite of the increase in passenger numbers and the improvements are due to the rise in investment by airlines and airports across the world in enhanced baggage handling systems.

Over the past few years airport improvements to the passenger processing system, particularly in self-service bag drop and check-in technology has risen dramatically, and has been almost at the top of the priority list for spending.

Optimising the check-in process means reduced queues, increased passenger experience and a streamlining of airport systems.

The biggest baggage handling systems providers offer baggage self-tagging, multiple airline bag drop facilities and even off-site check-in capabilities. The days of two-hour pre check-in and long queues at peak times are behind many of the world’s major airports and passengers are noticing the difference.

Cost savings are clearly a huge benefit for airports and airlines, and open up the possibilities for more future investment.

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