Border Management Systems from Gemalto at Interpol World 2015

Advanced Border Management Systems Technology ProvidersInterpol World 2015 in Singapore this week will see Gemalto demonstrate its latest next-generation Border Management Systems with automated eGates, electronic passports and visa monitoring capabilities.

Government and border agencies all over the world are looking to the latest technological advancements to increase border security, at all border checkpoints but not least in the airport environment. As traveller numbers steadily increase year-on-year, it is critical to maintain utmost security while streamlining the passenger processing system in order to keep ground delays to a minimum.

Self-service kiosks and biometric systems from providers such as Gemalto, SITA and Rockwell Collins are amongst the most popular with passengers, allowing them to take greater control of their travel experience and reducing queueing time.

Self-service and common-use systems provide airlines with an opportunity to share costs and reduce the time spent micro-managing the passenger check-in process, while airports regain valuable terminal space and personnel time, which can be better utilised to maximise operational productivity.

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